The Dog of my Uncle again…


I mentioned the dog of my uncle already on the blog here. My mother had to take care about the dog yesterday because my uncle and his wife wanted to go swimming in the indoor swimming bath with their kids. They said it would take several hours and they thought it would be better if someone takes care about the dog over this time. So my mother did it and supplied me with a new photo of my uncles dog. You see the photo above.

About Dennis

Greetings. My name is Dennis. My native language is German and I do write in English about various subjects and my interests, especially to improve myself but also to share some experiences or to write down some thoughts. My interests are photography, graphic design, music-making, animals, nature, technology, games, lifestyle and more. I just want to document my experiences and some stories of life. I'm glad to meet new people from all around the world.
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