How Does A Pet Feel In A Hot Parked Car?

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We can’t repeat it enough that it’s dangerous to leave your pets in the car during hot weather. Vet dr. Ernie Ward shows us how fast and how hot it gets in the car within 30 minutes. He shows it from his perspective and he’s understanding how dogs and other animals will feel in that same situation. Leaving windows open for a few inches doesn’t seem to matter. Within 20 minutes the temperature had raised to 46 Celsius degrees. He’s sweating his ass off, feels like a prisoner in his car. In other words: NEVER leave your pet (and children!) in the car during hot weather. And it doesn’t matter if it’s only for a few minutes.

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2 Responses to How Does A Pet Feel In A Hot Parked Car?

    • I did read this. This is just sad. I also think she was doing the right. I would have act the same way. As a company management I would be happy if I would have such open eyed employees. I can´t understand that she got fired. This shows that the management thinks “making money” stands over everything. A mad story. Really. I hope the person will get another job with a better management.

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