Overstock Now Accepts Bitcoins

I mentioned already in an earlier article that the retailer Overstock would plan to accept Bitcoins in 2014. But this came true now. It is now official, the retailer Overstock now accepts Bitcoins as they mention on their website. If you shop for everyday needs and different products on Overstock, you can now check out with the Bitcoin currency.

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8 Responses to Overstock Now Accepts Bitcoins

  1. [ Smiles ] It is only a matter of time when all major businesses start accepting Bitcoin.

    • Dennis says:

      This might happen and if so, then the whole would become less volatile and that would be great. At the moment it is still a pretty risky and highly speculative digital currency (it also attracts a lot of gamblers at the moment). The more businesses accept it the more stable it can become. I think that a lot of businesses are still afraid as it has not been stable over the last months and as it is too speculative. But it is only positive that some already start to accept it.

      I had two bitcoins last year when they were worth $50 each. I sold them later and I hated my self for this when I heard bitcoin reached the value of over $900 :D But how could I know that this would happen? :) But I still follow this topic as it is interesting anyhow.

      I can image that more and more online businesses will accept it. I do not think that it will replace fiat money but it can be a nice addition for web purchases. I have read that even the Paypal CEO could imagine to add them as currency exchange to Paypal. Looks like big players monitor bitcoins already.

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