Hello world!

Hello I am Dennis from Germany and I am 29 years old. I did create this blog to write down my thoughts. Please excuse my bad english. I write in English because I think it is a good and fun way to improve and learn more about this language. Additionally definitely a cool way to meet new peoples from all around the world.

This blog here wont have a special subject area. I will hold it more generally. This means I´ll write about everything I like. For example my hobbies and my experiences!

What do I do most of my time? Well…

Like we all, I enjoy to meet my family and friends. I like animals.. I own a cat and she is pretty cool! I own a fish tank since some months too. Some family members infected me with that hobby and now I´m pretty interested in fishkeeping.

Apart from this I really enjoy the computer lifestyle. I can’t even remember when I got my first computer. I think it was a C64 and later I got an Amiga. Soon I´ve got my first PC and since then there wasn´t any break. I think I owned every PC.. from 33 Mhz to 66 Mhz and up until today.

I use the computer to play games with my friends. Yes.. we play online games together. Its our hobby and pretty relaxing.

Apart from the games I like to use the computer for different creative purposes. I like to learn about graphic design.. Sometimes I produce or edit music with my computer too. I did start to like writing (blogging) and off course I do use the internet pretty much.

Ok some crazy and expansive hobbies.. I agree… But that’s not enough..

I do play guitar since I am 8.. 9.. or 10 years old? I’m not sure but its a long time because I am 29 as I said.

I like to create my own melodies. Of course I can play some known songs but anyhow I often rather grab my guitar and hit the strings. I think you could call it “freestyle”? This is what I really enjoy.. and often this results in a new song I play and play again. But I must admit I can’t sing or write any song text.. Indeed its a disadvantage.

So because I love to play guitar, it must be logical that I enjoy listening music as well. Yes I like every song with guitars or pianos.. nevermind if oldie, rock music or alternative music. I like much and its so much that I can’t write all the bands down. But here in Germany is another genre.. electronic music.. its famous here! Some people call it techno but I would say electronic music. I don’t love it because its famous here.. no I think its a passion as well. I can understand this kind of music. But in short you could say I like different music. The music just has to be my taste.

Oh no! I did write so much here for my first blog post! Yea that’s me! I´m sorry 🙂

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