Short days, crazy thoughts, creativity and sleep?

Sometimes days can be very short. Especially if I have many ideas and if I feel a lot of creativity. Then sands are running out pretty fast and whoops “I should go to bed”. If not because there is an appointment next morning, then because I get tired. Do you know how it is if you are tired but with the feeling you did not even reach 50% of what you have planed for the day? Maybe because you got floated with new and new ideas?

Yea sometimes I really have too many ideas at one time. And that results in completing not any of these task I given me. Sounds crazy? It is! Going to bed with profound thoughts doesn’t make sleeping simpler but one moment.. didn´t I talk about being tired? It must be a mix of being tired and being as fit as a fiddle. It is like your body is tired but your thoughts keep you awake..

And for sure I never should talk about it with my doctor. I just think our rhythm and a day should be like 48 hours instead of 24 hours. I probably would be much more productive. Just wanted to write my thoughts down here even if I realized it is pretty much crazy.

However.. I try to take some rest now.. I have an appointment in the morning and the funny thing is that it is already morning or lets call it late night. 😀

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