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Modern Communication, Internet and the impact on the Postal Branch and on us all.

Today I found a new interesting Blog called Talinorfali. To be true I didn´t read the whole Blog as I just know the Blog since one or two hours. However after a sneak peek and reading four Blogposts there I would like to suggest reading there. Here are the Articles I did read so far and which are as interesting declared for myself:

Today’s Society and What has become of it…

The Importance of Saying “Thank You”

How Social Networking & Communication Has Changed The World.

Really really go there if you like to think and philosophize about Life. Its not often that I immediately declare three blogposts of a blog I found as interesting for my self. In this case it is as it is and I go read there a little bit more next days and again… It looks like you should do too. 😛

Ok let’s face it… I am pretty much new to the Blogosphere (not to the Internet and so) like I descriped here “About me”. But elaborate on good Articles of other Blogger might be a good start.

So I want to contribute in one of her Topics. And maybe I do on other Topics later or next Days as well as I did enjoy some Subjects while reading there. As I said the mentioned Articles above were interesting for me and I could give my thoughs on each of these Topics. So yes the Decision was hard. However I decided to go into one of her Blogpost´s called How Social Networking & Communication Has Changed The World first as I can contribute with some Facts which doesnt mean that I want to cast doubt on her Blogpost. I still agree with the overall opinion and message of her Post.

So let me start. Be prepared for much Text as I rather like to write much if a Subject seems interesting for me. If so I am not that good in keep thoughts short. But why should I? 😛

While I agree that Computer and Internet changes communication and our all behavior much, I disagree that it was bad for Postal Companies or that Postal Workers have less work because of these Changes. Mashines gave us less work because they can Sort Mails like a wonder. But she´s still righ when she wrote about paper mail diminishing at least when we talk about “private to private person paper mail”. Logical you could think that it was negative for those Postal Companies when Internet and modern Communication came up. But in practice it wasn´t that bad as many think. I will tell you why later. Let me explain first why I can contribute with my opinion at this Topic.

I learned the job of a Postal Worker some time ago here where I live in Germany in the Companie called “Deutsche Post AG”. In Germany you would say I have the job title “Fachkraft für Brief- und Frachtverkehr” now, which maybe means in English something like “Specialist in the subject area of Correspondence- and Freight Traffic”. For outsiders and I mean my friends, the job looks easy even if the Title of the Job sounds complex.. and yes it is. 🙂
The Job is more complex then many of my friends ever thought as many people think “What do you learn instead of just putting letters in a Letterbox”. The Name of the Job tells another Story so yes.. what they didn´t know is that you have to learn this Job over 3 years which means there is a lot of Content you need to know apart from Letter´s and Mailbox. Soon when I started I did notice too it is rather a complex Subject Area instead of just bring Mails to all the People or Companies on your daily “Route”. You learn about the whole Logistic Subject Area which means you could find Jobs not only as a Mailmen- or women but you could also work in any Logistic Company, a Warehouse and so much more if there is Need, Demand, such a Companie near your Place of Residence and at least a stable Economy which is in my case at the Moment not the case here where I live. I am Jobless now and I want to make clear at this Point that the Internet is not one of thes Reasons. I can tell you that there is much more Work for a Mailmen then before. So much Work that the Job became Stressful for me. So the Reason why I had leave the Companie is not that there is less work then before.. the Reason was that the Companie did cancel Workers like every Companie sadly today often do. Not because there aren´t Orders.. just because they want to maximize Profit as they went on Stock Exchange Markets.

Hah.. now we do have it and you could say this is contradictory. But I say again no it isn´t. If Postal Companies cancel Workers who dont have a good, stable and solid Contract you defenetly could think it is due to the bad Order Situation. But I know it is the usual “One Person can do the work of four Worker” sadness many of us noticed in the past or still notice today. That is Capitalism and I say the word and sence of Capitalism is not bad, at least if I think back to the stable Capitalism Grandma, Grandpa, Mother and other Family Member told me. The Progress of Production and Profit where the Worker is still a Part of a Companie or rather a Family Member of the Companie. The Story where the Worker is treated like a Human and not a Robot who doesn´t have to be payed but have to work even harder. Then I call it Hardcore Capitalism. And now you pretty much have whats happened to a lot of us and to a lot of Companies. The Companie´s voracity for more Money while they forget about the Human who is Part of the Result that this Companie ever earns Money.

Resumed I know a lot of Friends who lost the Job in a Postal Companie. Summarized the Reason is that the Companie expect to have the effort of four people done by just one Person while the Order Position increase monthly.

Also there was a Time when Postal Workers in Germany were uncallable as they were Officials. Today only those who are still there with this Official Title are. As the Companie is now since some Time privatized, the Workers dont have this uncallable Privilege anymore.

But I know that was now pretty much ranting and still not much related to the Question if Internet had a negative impact on Postal Companies. So here we go..

If Internet and other modern Communication Methods did change the business of Mail Companies, was a Topic for one or two Weeks at this time in our Class. Our trainer teached us that there is Future for our Sector. Fact is that at least the biggest German Companie called “Deutsche Post AG” recognised early enought that the Internet will at least cause a decrease the overall Order Volume of Mails which are send from private Person to private Person. There is a Logic. Why should someone write good old Snailmails when it can be done in just Seconds via Email, Chat or what ever and this much more Interactive because you can add Fotos and so without much Effort. Right there are still some Snailmail fans who prefer Letters instead of Mails but most People wouldn´t. If we look around today we notice it is rather likely that a Friend will write you on Facebook instead of writing you Letter Post. So far all this is true and we see it today. But they teached us already long time ago that this Case comes true with Internet. I learned there in the Year of 1999 and this Problematic was already a huge Topic. So Companie´s was already aware of this Problem.

However they told us some Facts and you can find these Facts still in the Internet today.

First we must know there is a wide spectrum of differend Mailings. I list some…

– Mass printed Papers

– Bills

– Court Mails

– Personal Letters

– Valuables

– Travel Documents

– Bank Card´s

– Mass printed Advertising

– and more…

You maybe noticed except for “Personal Letters” that most listed deliveries above are Business- or Government based Sendings. And now comes something what many dont know. 90% Sendings Volume for a Postal Companie is Business- or Government based and only 10% Personal Letters.. those when Grandma sends Grandchild some money and wishes for Christmas for example 😉

Source: Postdienste und moderne Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien (Sorry its a German link but I am pretty much sure you could find similar Study in English)

Lets go to another Fact:

Business and Goverment still prefer sending Content through Postal Companies instead of the Internet. Here are some Reasons why..

– Again Bank Card´s, Club Card´s and similar stuff.. no one can send them to you through Internet.

— Importend Document´s. Nevermind if Insurance Documents, Goverment- or Court Document or what ever. You need them by hand for your Record and not on your Computer´s Hard Dics.

— Documents with Signature… lets call it Documents for Juristic-conclusiveness

– The good old Newspaper or Magazine which is still admired

I can tell more but you know there is still need for Documents and Content in your Hand.

So what  we did learn is that there will always be Demand for having things delivered as you need them physicaly and not virtual. Even if my Blogpost seems long and it is… but the Topic long Time ago in our Class did have more Content then my Article here. Its more Complex then I did write down here and when I remember right we had to read dozen of Pages just about this Subject with Sheets, Numbers and Statistics. 😀

I remember that I had to work in Frankfurt on the Airport where they freight stuff. Frankfurst has a huge Airport Freight Center. Really I cant count how much Mails I did see in eight Hours of work.

I doesn´t look like Internet changed anything.

To give some numbers I found in the Internet some stats about the Daily Volume on Frankfurt Freight Airport:

– 2,7 Million daily Mails go over the treadmill

– 20.000 Packages and small Parcel

– An average of 140 Tons daily leave the Center to 256 differend target Locations

– November and December you need to multiplicate these Facts by 200% because of Christmas and so

Source: Wo die Post abgeht (Again German I am very sorry)

This is really a massive Amount.

Today the “Deutsche Post AG” has a pretty much stable traffic of 17,0 till 17,8 Billion Mails per Year. Internet doesn´t  supress Freight Postal here in Germany but instead you can say Internet does complement the Communication-Mix. Physicaly Companies still think Mails stands for seriousness which is priority for formally Cover Letter, Agreements and Bills.

So yes there would be still a Future for the Postman if the Companie wouln´t rationalise workplaces because Investors want to see that. Internet is just the smallest Reason for rationalising if at all. While greedy Chairman´s, Investors and freaking sorting Mashines are. But that´s how it is. 🙂

Ok everything here sounds like I wanted to prove one Argument in the mentionend Blogpost above as wrong. I hope that doesn´t seems so at is was just a small sentence in her Blogpost about Postal Conpanies. No really.. I did enjoy her Blogpost and the overall Statement of the Post ist fantastic. I just wanted to add some of my Experience and some things I learned. Rather related to Postal Companies. 🙂

It is so much true.. Internet changed us. As she wrote.. communication was so much difficult without Internet and not really fast. Today it is and that is good so. I really love Computer and Internet but she´s right when it has also some bad points. I also have the feelin that Kids today rather sit in front of the Computer while my Generation did go outside to meet friends and play. Sure they do today too but I agree there is a difference. We did hang out 8 hours outside long time ago and I notice that is rather a timeframe my sister sits in front of the Computer on Weekends today. Sure that is apprehensive. Today also I do forget the time sometimes while I use the Computer. This Medium can cast a spell over us.

What I noticed is that I read much more then before. Reading is just so easy in the Internet and you find interesting things very fast with Google. I think this is a plus Point. I did hate reading out of Books when I was young. It didn´t have the Usability like the Internet. For sure you can go to a BookStore and purchase a Book. But what if you need special Informations right now? All I can say is “Internet” and this was the biggest Innovation and now I have fun while gather and reading Informations.

New things can be good and bad..

On the End I like to quote out of the Article from Talinorfali:

Use Social and Communication devices, but use them wisely and responsibly.

And again.. please go read there 🙂

I had fun and her Blogpost´s inspired me and stimulated me to reflect and think about a Topic which is what I need at the Moment as I woke up with the Mission to blog more frequently. So she helped me to find one Topic.

Greetings from Germany



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