Philip Rosedale and another great Concept called Coffee & Power

Philip Rosedale founder, chairman and former CEO of Linden Lab, the company that started Second Life, an online virtual world launched in 2003, comes up with another great Startup called Coffee & Power.

Coffee & Power is a Marketplace where you tell others what you are willing to do or need done, right now, for how much. They call it “Missions”.Buyers and sellers use a virtual currency system (C$) for payments. You can earn C$ by selling missions, or buy them using your credit card or Paypal. You can also turn the virtual currency back into US$ via Paypal.

The FAQ on Coffee & Power descripes everything very well:

Why do it?
As a seller: To help and meet people, make some extra money doing what you’re great at, or practice a new skill. As a buyer: To find new things or get something done faster and easier than you expected.
How exactly does the currency work?
You can earn C$ by completing missions. You can also buy C$ for US$1.00 each by using the menu in the upper right by your balance. If you’d like, you can also ask us to turn C$ back into US$ for you via Paypal — there is a fee for this.
What kind of jobs happen on Coffee & Power?
All kinds! Do you need or have a recommendation on a new laptop, or travel advice on what to see on your upcoming trip to Buenos Aires? Check out the “Expertise on Tap” category. Need a desk assembled or a router reconfigured? See “Setup, Maint. & Repair”. Or maybe you just want some homemade cookies delivered to you by a local baking enthusiast? See “Little Luxuries”. But…we’re all still learning what people will use C&P for, which is a big part of the opportunity here!

What is a Gift Credit? How can I give someone a mission?
You may notice that some missions have a Gift button. If you’ve been awarded Gift Credits, you can give that mission, free of charge, to a friend who hasn’t registered yet on C&P.

Im registered there since yesterday and I am already inlove with the Concept. After completing some Missions and have a nice talk in the Public Chat, I noticed the Community there is very friendly. There are already some great Missions available and it looks like all this will expand soon. I really can suggest take a look there if you can offer any great abilities or if you are just looking some help.

If you are interested, then stay tuned and visit also the Coffee & Power Blog.

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