Golden Wedding… almost inpossible today?

I have a Topic here I wanted to write about but I was to lazy last days. But I come up with it today.

Last weekend me, the whole Family and Friends of my Grandma and Grandpa were invited to the Celebration of ther Golden Wedding. In Germany we call it “Goldene Hochzeit” and it is the Celebration of being married since 50 Years. I just explain because I wasn´t sure if you call it like above and if it is the same there.

However. We all did meet up in a Restaurant near a little Sea in the Nature. It is a campsite we usualy visit in Summer and there is a lot of Nature.
Arrived in the Restaurand we all took a Glas Champagne and my Grandpa started a Speech to all of us. He did honour my Grandma for enjoying his Life. In his Speech he did also honour his friends and those who did archieve Golden Wedding as well. He mentioned four and nearly five Celebrations of Golden Wedding because one Couple in our Family couldn´t make it as the Men of my Grand Aunt died short before ther own Golden Wedding. This was an emotional Moment and I´ve noticed my Grand Aunt with Tears in the Eye´s. My Grandpa did honour my Grand Uncle and mentioned him and spoke some wise Words. At least he did thank all of us for coming and being there. Mentally I am always excited when the olds find the right and wise Words.

The Celebration started and my Grandma and Grandpa invited 30 People to eat and drink how much we can. But we all wasn´t that happy because there was a misarrangement with the Tables and Chairs. It was a Celebration with Family and Friends and my Grandpa told the Restaurantowner that we rather want our Tables moved together instead of sitting far apart like usual Guests which dont know each other. But we know each other and want to sit together. After moving everything the meal came. I was suprised because there was everything there. Basicly we was able to decide what we want to eat.. there were Potatoes, french Fries, Croquettes and more. Differend kind of meats to choose. Same for Sauce.. there was a lot to choose and plenty of side dishes like Beans, Coleslaw and I cant count it all. I was able to through things together. There were also plenty of Fruits like slices of Melons, Pineapple and so on. I believe I did try anything but not Pineapple as I dont like that. And I guess all others were happy as well and did eat a lot. And after it there was still enough there.

Later the Host´s did clear the Tables and the first Drinks arrived which we had to choose as well. For the Kids for sure things like Coca Cola and for most of us Adults alcoholic Drinks like Beer, Wheat Beer and some others did prefer little alcoholic Shots or unalcoholic Drinks as well. Again there was a lot to choose and not anybody had to die of thirst. I choosed Wheat Beer (Called in german: Weizenbier or Hefeweizen) because I love it. Sure I did drink a few of them. 😉

The Celebration started to be more noisy and the Host did crank up the Music. I´ve seen People running from Person to Person like I did as well. I think I talked to all of them and others did as well. The older Couples did dance to the old Music and I captured my Grandma and Grandpa with my Cam while they danced.

All in all it was a very beatiful Day. It was from 3pm to 2am and the time did fly away. Isn´t it always so if you enjoy something that the Time just runs away? Its to sad. But it was anyway fun and we took nice Memorys.

A lot of younger People showed respect to the Golden Wedding. And some People said ironic “50 Years? Accomplish that today!”. I agreed ironic “This seems almost inpossible today”. Even if we did quip over our own Generation, these Jokes are in a way true. In my own Experience or when I notice Friends and so, it seems that some young People think Wedding is either outdated, a financial burden or some did try it and fallen flat on ther Face. The latter seems more true. I´ve noticed and heard about to many young Couples sign off just after a few Years. This is something I ask my self now for a long time here in Germany. Why is there such difference? My Grandma and Grandpa married when they became 18 years old! And they are still married! While I hear from to many younger who dont even get ther Marriage over one Year. Is this promise (Marriage) to go through good things but also any trouble together, nothing worse today? Did the old have a better understanding about this Decission? Or is this due to the fast World today were we all dont have time for our self and our Love? Working so much but getting less and less money. Is this the Factor of Trouble and the Reason that Golden Weddings seems impossible? I know some of us aren´t even so old to think about 50 Years but I also talk about the Question why Relationships today often not even last over a Year. I dont have an answer here and I also dont want to generalize this Topic. But it is something I noticed. Maybe we just grown up in a differend Time with other Conditions. What do you think? How is your experience?

Anyhow… I am very happy that my Grandma and Grandpa are still lucky. I was happy for being on ther Celebration. For me they are exemplary when I think about “true Love”. They found each other and made it over 50 Years. Today even more this deserves respect. I am happy for them too.

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