You need to close your shop on Sunday!

I pretty much hate bureaucracy and outdated rules. Today I went to my turkish fruit dealer or call it a kiosk as they sell much more then fruits and vegetables. I know these people since some time now and they are very friendly. One of the owners asked me to sign on a paper and I asked what it is about. She told me that they were visitied by a person from the city administration and got a warning.

I dont know much about our german business laws and rules but as far as I do understand what the shop owner told me, city administration seems to have a problem with the fact that they do open on sunday for some hours to sell buns for those who need them on sunday in the morning. So looks like there are any rules and requirements you have to fulfill to open your shop on sunday otherwise you have to pay a fine.

I said “Give me this paper.. I will sign that you can open the shop on sunday!” and noticed many other residents signed already as well.
Just asking my self what kind of dusty rules there are still around in our laws. After asking Google I found out that some rules are so dusty that they are still related to trade regulation act´s of Kaiser Wilhelm II in June 1891. And well.. it´s rest day.. has anything to do with Jesus Christus as well!
So looks like these laws have changed little bit over time so that you could open your shop on a sunday if you meet special requirments and inform the city administration…

But her comes the big question. Why do ther needs to be such bureaucracy? Why dont they just let people be busy and hardworking when ever they want?
Indeed I can understand that the mentioned shop owner´s are now somewhat pissed because they now have to read and learn any rules so that they can meet these requirments instead of just open up sunday and sell some buns! That would get me pissed as well.

I am german and I know a lot of germans who take the sunday as a day “Wooow it´s free time” and this is ok. But if these turkish people are hard working, love ther shop and are ok with opening on sunday, why would someone tell them “Hey! Youn cant do that unless your meet our requirments!”? Maybe I should read more about it, to understand whats that all about. But in fact I dont even want to as this all sounds so dusty to me.

Bureaucracy sometimes seems to be paternalism. I know its importend that ther are trade acts and a state which want taxes. That all is ok but I believe the goverment should not tell people when they have to open and with which requirments. This is so much dusty and stupid. I wouldn´t even understand it from the side of view as a staff. If I have problems with working on sunday, I better search another company to work at.

They told me they have opened each sunday in the morning since 15 years and now there came one of these guys from the administration and got crazy in their shop.

I am happy that it is possible to get buns on sunday morning as I often did wake up sunday morning to realize I have nothing at home, and therfor I said “You got my signature”. And anyway I know some other shops which are opened on sunday. Looks like they meet any crazy requirments.

This is the reason why I never started own business althought I had tons of ideas. It´s not enough to be specialist in your niche. You´ll need to be specialist in bureaucracy and laws as well. And that turns me off.

Do you have any laws in your country you cant understand or laws you find dusty?

2 thoughts on “You need to close your shop on Sunday!

  1. Yes, it sounds like there are some silly laws in Germany but your government seems to be doing a good job. The U.S. and most of Europe are in big financial trouble but Germany has things under control.
    There is a new law that I don’t like very much. The larger town next to ours has put up “traffic cameras”. They take a picture of you speeding and send you a ticket for about 100 dollars. I don’t speed or drive crazy but I think they don’t really care about safety, they just want to get more money from the people.

    1. He he. We have differend methods too to find those who drive to fast. Cameras and also in some areas sensors under the street and so on. In some cases I agree with you but I defenetly know streets here near schools and one of these streets is knows for much accidents with childs because people driven to fast. In this case it is very very good that our city goverment did improve the street and also did place cameras and street-islands with high barriers. Since then there was no more accident. It sometimes defenetly feels like they just want to earn money when they send you a ticket but I think there is also a reason that they want us to drive carefully and not fast in a lot of cases. I did read from a child which is 8 years old and had an accident in my town. The child is still alive but today disabled. That is pretty sad. But in this street they did drive very fast.

      But as you said… most people like you dont drive like a crazy. But careful people can still get a ticket for nothing. That is indeed nothing else then “earning money” with you. I agree to you and I know spots here where the goverments just put up this cameras to make more money and not for the matter of safety. That sucks indeed. I agree with you.

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