European championship… Today my Homeland Germany plays versus Portugal. It will be a 3:1 for Germany.

Ok I am not a big fan of soccer. I usualy watch regional games. My hometown is Lübeck and the soccer club of my hometown is called VfB Lübeck. Indeed I sometimes watch their games but they sadly dont play in the first league. For the first league I always say I am a fan of Hamburger SV (HSV). Hamburg is not far away from Lübeck and it is easily possible to visit their stadium if I want to. I would say Hamburg is still north german… And I am north german.. so that should explain my preferences. 😉
But overall I do not watch pretty much soccer compared to some friend of me. Really.

When it comes to European championship or World championship, I rather like to watch soccer games. It´s anyhow exciting to encourage the own team and to meet friends for a beer and watching soccer either at Television or Public Viewing. I pretty much enjoy these day where people have a fun day together.

Yesterday the game of Russia versus Czechia was already pretty interesting. I was suprised about the 4:1 win of Russia. It was a game I pretty much enjoyed. Much goals are always fun as long as the ball dont fly to often in the goal of the own homeland team. 😛

So today is the big day. First game of Germany at UEFA Euro 2012. Looks like we have a strong group with Portugal, Netherland and Denmark. But hey! I am confident.

Today Germany plays versus Portugal and my tip is that we win 3:1. I better crouch in case a Portuguese is reading this. 🙂 But if so.. I wish your team much luck as well and that you and your friends have a lot of fun with the European championship 2012. I think we all will have fun watching all the next Games. What do you think will be the result of Germany and Portugal?

Just some hours over and the first beers will be opened. I hope you all will enjoy the day. Greetings.

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