Dental Fear! I could get Dormicum during the Dental Operation but I feel so uncertain.

I suffer from Dental Anxiety and this is no Joke. I am someone who is not that often afraid of anything. I did do a lot of crazy stuff in my Life like Bungee Jumping, flying in a two-seater Sports Airplane with a very crazy Pilot who did show me some very evil flight maneuver. Whoohoo that was fun! I did a lot of more crazy stuff in my Life and I was always ok with it. I did volunteer in doing this kind of stuff.

But when it comes to simple stuff like visiting a Dentist, you will see the biggest Faintheart on Earth. I know that nobody likes to go to the Dentist but we have to do and therefore People just do it. Also there might come the Point, that Toothaches gets so heavy and People will love the Dentist for his Service. Because he helps you. I can see the Logic here.

But for me it was always different. I am hyperventilating if I am there. I feel Tremor everywhere in my Body and so on. Caused because bad Experience with a Dentist in my Childhood. It feels like suddenly pass by or get a sudden Heart failure. I know that wont happen just because I visit a Dentist but it feels like it´s happening. That always did turn me off but fortunately I found this Dentist who worked together with a Anesthetist. From that Point I did not have much Problems with it anymore because it was so Simple to be under General Anesthetic and not realizing what they do with you because you are sleeping. Also because I don’t eat Sweets and because I maintain my Teeth very good, there was anyway not often anything to do. But if so, then they did finish everything under General Anesthetic so that I had no Teeth Problems anymore. And the good thing was that German Health Insurance did pay the 500€ for the General Anesthetic. I also felt ok after a General Anesthetic while others told me they didn´t. But now comes the Problem.. Today I have again to go to the Dentist and they told me that Health Insurance wont pay that Service anymore. Holy shit!

I am not afraid of a simple Teeth checkup. So that I went to a Dentist today. There are two things to do in my Mouth. One Back Tooth must be pulled out which I anyway did assumed already because of the Pain. And another one is more easy and just should get a new Tooth Crown. Over all the Dentist said it´s not too much to do and everything will be ok soon. He told me that if I am so much afraid, there would be this Alternative called Dormicum. While Health Insurance does not pay a General Anesthetic for Dental Operations anymore, they do pay now for Sedative if you suffer from Dental Anxiety. He told me about the Effect of Dormicum and said that it is pretty great Stuff. I had to laugh and said “Really? Well you must know it!”. He laughed too.

He said Dormicum is pretty hard stuff and from the Family of Benzodiazepine. He said I will be still cooperative and responsive but it is very anxiolytic so that I will get a “I don’t give a damn!” Attidude. And in German Colloquial Speech it is called similar. No Joke. We call it “Leck mich am Arsch Medizin” and I better don’t translate that. 🙂 Then he also said, when the Effect disappears, I wont remind to anything whats happened.

But wait! Just a Moment..
How can this go together? I am cooperative and responsive while I later can’t remind anything? That made me crazy and I told them that I do have to think about it.
I went home and underway I noticed that I forgot to ask so many stuff. I browsed the Internet and found out that there are two ways to teleport you to the “I don´t give a damn!” Planet. You could get a Tablet under your Tongue. The Effect would come after round about 10 – 30 mins. Or they could give it to you intravenous which would just take 10 – 20 Seconds to arrive on this unknown Planet. The least sounds more Effective to me and I don’t have Problems with Injections from Doctors.

As he talked about Tablets, I now need to ask them if they would do it intravenous as well. I don’t trust the other way. I still feel so uncertain and it soon becomes embarrassing to ask them again and again although they seems to be very friendly and specialized on Dental Anxiety Patients.

One thing is sure. One Tooth must be pulled out otherwise this one could cause inflammation. As I can’t pay 500€ for a General Anesthetic, the Sedative Dormicum will be my only good Alternative to survive this without hyperventilating.

I definitely will master this and also will ask them if I have more Question. But as always this all drives me Nuts. It´s the inner Cinema which makes me crazy before they even started to help me to be happy with my Teeth.

By the way. What makes me most crazy is that he also said the effect is anxiolytic but not pain-relieving. This is why they will give me also a Local Anesthesia Injection. So what is if they don’t use enough Local Anesthesia? Then I have to go through this Pain and the only good thing is that I later cant remind to that Incident?

You maybe notice right now… When I talk about the Dentist, I am pretty much paranoid. Well, that’s the Problem. When I collected my first experience with a General Anesthetic I now was not afraid of that anymore. I guess I simply don’t know how it will be with Sedative Dormicum and that makes me even more crazy right now. But this feeling will disappear if I soon collected Experience with it.

But they told me Dormicum is ok if you get it one Time a Year when you have a Dental Operation. But I should not demand that to often. To often it would risk an Addiction. That is clear. But if used once a Year, it sounds like a good Alternative for Dental Anxiety Patients like me.

That´s what I need to check out now.

Any Readers and Bloggers out there who suffer from Dental Anxiety as well? Indeed I would like to read from your Experience as well, regardless of whether you write a Comment here or show me a Blogpost you wrote about that Topic.

So far..
Let us take courage. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Dental Fear! I could get Dormicum during the Dental Operation but I feel so uncertain.

  1. I choosed to be under general anesthetic instead of dornicum. I have a better feeling about the general anesthetic which I will get next days while the dentist will operate on my teeth.

  2. Did you have the procedure done? Did you use the Dormicum? How was it?
    I understand your anxiety! Last time I was at the dentist I had a panic attack in the chair. I now need to have all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed next week and the dentist says I must get dormicum. I hope it makes me sleep as I don’t want to remember any part of the procedure.

    I hope you are well 🙂

    1. Hi Tiffany. Yes I had it done with Dormicum. But I wanted it per injection and paid 90 Euro for it here in Germany. When it’s injected, effect comes fast of course. It’s said that this is not general anaesthetic, but to be honest, it feels the exact same way. Last thing I remember is that I woke up in the wakeup-room fell asleep a second time. And after that I got a bit more clear and we went to the Taxi to drive home. Have a second person with you, I remember I had difficulties to walk down stairs because I was still tired and somehow still a bit tripping. At home I slept all day.

      It’s said to have a second person monitor you, I mean at least sleep somewhere you know… maybe a family member. The first two days I had difficulties to remember things, like “Did I power off the stove?”, which is why it could be dangerous if you are alone. You’ll be tired and still a bid “confused” after dormicum, but maybe it was a super high dose in my case, I don’t know. They probably will suggest you the same, have a family member near you or sleep at their house for a night.

      My post is from 2012 and it’s now 2019 and I can tell you that I solved my anxiety problem with dentists. I found a really good one who took my anxiety away, he explains everything and uses the right dose of local anaesthetics, and he plays my favorite music lol. Never would have believed in it, but that dude really solved my issue and I always go to the dentist now with local anaesthetics and don’t need Dormicum anymore in these cases unless there is too much to do, which is where they would probably suggest Dormicum anyway as you experienced right now. In the case of your 4 teeth it totally makes sense I think. But generally, and I guess you know it… it’s worth it to work on the dental fear… I was the biggest pussy cat when it was about dentists but now with the good denntist I really got used to these situations. Maybe it’s all about the doctor. I think he knows his stuff and how to work with patients. 🙂

      Talking about Dormicum again. I can assure you that you won’t notice or remember anything they will do during surgery. I maybe remembered a bright light, that was all lol. No sounds, no pain… just the bright dentist light for a moment. But you’re not fully aware of it. I just remember it was all white at some point. 🙂 Appeared like a dream. It’s really just that. Get the injection, wake up and you’re done with the surgery and want to get home and sleep all day 🙂 I would do it again if I would have a couple of teeth to get done at once or removed.

      I’m fine Tiffany, I hope you too!


  3. Hi Dennis,
    I know that this is an old post and the fear has been long forgotten. Thank you very much for making this public and especially for adding the comment form 2019, knowing how the use of Dornicum made you feel! I will have to get an implant in December in München and I am freaking out so so much. I keep considering giving up as I am that scared. Reading this gives me hope! 🥺



    1. Hi Diana. I do understand that. I’ve always been scared too when things like that had to be done. If Dornicum is an option, I can take your fear… as described in the comment you mentioned, you won’t notice the surgery. It feels like full anesthesia but technically isn’t one but sedation. The only downside was the 90 Euro price for it as health insurance usually doesn’t cover that extra. However, the 90 Euro are long forgotten 🙂

      Don’t give up. I think there are options even for people like you and me, who feel or felt very stressed about dental surgery. Good luck Diana!

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