A Cat, A Couch and all the Hair.

I like to take Photos and Videos of my Cat. I do it again and again because I like her so much. These two new Photos are made when she was relaxing on the Couch. She is allowed to do that but you see on the first Photo, it´s sometimes indeed a real mess with all the Cathairs on the Couch then. But well thats normal if you have a Cat. I often have to clean the Couch but it´s difficult to remove the Hair. I must do crew out her Hair each day because then she does not lose to much Hair anymore and I do think that she likes this kind of Hair Care. When I take the Scrupper then she comes already on her own. 🙂 She also learned to turn on the other Side so that it is very easy to crew out her Hair on the left and right Side while she is laying on the Ground. I guess she is enjoying this.

If you want to see more Photos of her, then just look at my older Blogposts:

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