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I have been asked to help someone jumping from a Bridge so that he can die

Actually I wanted to write about the great Day I yesterday had. I told you on Friday that my Family and me planed a Trip in the Nature. We had this great Day this Saturday so that the Plan and Trip was great. Actually I wanted to tell you first about the great Saturday we had. However.. arrived back in Lübeck I came in a Situation which made me thinking so that I want to write about it first now.

After the Trip in the Nature and the happy Day some People of the Family and me decided to meet again in the Evening on my Mothers Balcony. We drunk some Beer and had a nice talk for round about 2 Hours. It was a perfect End of the Day and then I went Home.

On the way to my home I have to walk over a Bridge. I´ve seen some young People sitting on the Bridge and they had fun as well. I did continue on my way and arrived in the middle of the Bridge I´ve noticed a Person which stands near the Handrail while talking. It was dark and I though he is talking on the Phone with somebody. But then I noticed he didn´t. He soliloquized. But suddenly he noticed me as well and asked me “Hello. Can you please help me to jump from the Bridge?”. I said “Whats wrong with you?”. He answered “I simply want to die but I am afraid.. could you help me please just shove me over the Handrail.. shove me down the Bridge!”.

I was shocked. Extremely shocked now. I´ve seen his wide opened white Eyes with little pin pupils. I answered “Never ever I will help you to perform your suicide.” He was probability drugged, drunken and maybe suffering on a Cocktail of Medication. I told him that he should chill out and wait. I told him that Life sometimes sucks but for Problems there are always Solutions and that I believe that committing suicide is the worst Solution. He got angry and did scream “I want to die and you must help me now!”. I was now overwhelmed with the Situation and got more overwhelmed when I noticed I don’t have my Mobile Phone with me. I´ve also seen the Threat that he could attack me as well maybe he had a Knife. And I don’t have the Experience to fight unarmed against someone who is out of control and maybe armed. I didn´t want to play the Hero. I thought the Police can handle those Situations and Trouble better than me. They can help him.

I started to run down the Bridge as my Home is next to the End of the Bridge (Just 1 Minute if I run). While I did run, I wasn´t sure if my decision was great. While I did run, I asked myself why I didn´t go back to the young People I noticed to make a Group and try to help the Person. I was afraid now he would have enough time in 1 or 2 Minutes to just jump down the Bridge to pitch directly on the Railroad Track or Ground. I never did run so fast. I simply thought I am a machine. I bet it took me less than a Minute for the last Meters to my Home. I did not think much. I just did something. All I did seemed to be automatically as if by magic.

At Home I breathless called the Police and said “Help me, help me, there is someone on the Bridge and I believe he wants to commit Suicide!!”. The Police just asked me for the Street Name and said “We are underway”. I was so nervous. I decided to run back to the Bridge breathless, nervous and shocked.

One thing in Germany is great. Police and so does not take much time to arrive. They are in the neighborhood on Patrol, maybe next Street and got a Call. Arrived back near the Bridge I noticed a running Person. He did run in the Bush and the younger People I´ve noticed on the Bridge were running after him. And the Police after them.

Police came from both Bridge Ends. A few Cops did run after the Person in the Bush. Some others talked then to me and also to the other young Person I´ve noticed on the other Side of the Bridge before. After talking with them all, I heard that the Person did already stand on the Railing to commit Suicide after I left the Bridge. The younger Person were overwhelmed with the Situation too. But they told me they had a Mobile Phone and called the Police as well. They told me that the Person left the Bridge running when he noticed the Emergency Lights.

They decided to follow him so that they can inform the Police with updates about his Position. But the suicidal Person did run in my Direction and the Direction of the Police on the other Side of the Bridge. Just that the suicidal Person was able to Hide in the dark of the Bush near the Bridge anywhere so that the Police did search him with Flashlight now. I was sure they will find him now as I know this Bush. You can go in but can’t leave the Bush without coming back in our Direction.

Police told us to stay away from the Bush while other Cops asked us for all the Informations the younger People and me had. We all were shocked. So shocked.
We all did hear Voices like “Keep cool, keep cool Boy! Dont do that.. dooont do that! Keeep cool everything will be ok!”. Now we all were so outraged that it was pretty hard to tell the other Cops all the Information we had. And again we did hear “Just keep cool mate! There is no reason to do that! We will help you out! No problem, keep cool and everything will be ok!”. And then something like “Oh my god.. oh my god stop stop!” or so.

One Ambulance Car and the Emergency Doctor Car arrived. It was quite now. Another Cop came out of the Bush and told us to go away as we should not see this.
The younger People, the Cops who asked us some stuff and me went the Street up some Meters now so that we can’t see much. The Medics and a few Cops came out of the Bush with the suicidal Person carried on a Litter.

Many Meters away we noticed, they carried the Person in the Emergency Car. While we couldn´t and anyway didn´t want to see what happened with him, we were still able to hear all the Noises. They didn´t drive away to the Hospital with him. I have a Friend who is Medic and he told me if it is very critical, they try to reanimate you locally and not while driving. So, I think they plugged him on the Medical Devices now, so that we noticed the Sounds now. I believe it was his Heartbeat Sound from the Medical Devices. Fast Beep Beep Sound… very fast Beep Beep Sound. Maybe rapid Heartbeat like you know these Device Sounds from a Movie. Again faster Beep Sounds. And then consistently Beeeeeeeep for 30 Seconds or more. Probably Cardiac Arrest. Dead now for a Moment.

People on our Side whispered sad now “He is dead, holy shit. He is dead, what a crappy Night! What happened with him in the Bush?”. I thought the same. Came from the Family and now this End of the Day.. going Home to listening how someone dies a wretched death. And then one Second Silence and after it again a Beep Sound! People said “He lives! They got him back to Life!”.

All this was one Moment. Listening to the Sounds of a Device which is plugged to a Person who was knocking on Heavens Door. One Moment in the Life of all involved People. A truly shitty End of the Evening for all the involved People on the Street. Even if they did bring him back to Life, I wouldn´t like to experience the whole Situation again.

The Emergency Car was driving away with him now. The Cops now just asked for our Phone Numbers, Identification Cards and so. Standard Procedure now in case they have some Questions next Days. Police did drive away and I did stand there with those younger People I did meet in a crappy Situation. We all had just two Questions. What happened in the short Amount of Time when the Person did run in the Bush? Did he maybe had a Knife and penetrated his own Artery? Did he really suffering a Cocktail of Medication, Drugs and Alcohol and the Impact of that Mix came later in the Bush? What happened in that really short Period in the Bush? And the second Question… what can happen to your Life that you want nothing else then passing away? I can think of some Reasons but I rather hope that I would master those Problems and hopefully not with Suicide.

We talked maybe 20 Minutes and decided that it was his try to pass away. That it is not our fault. That we all were outside with open Eyes and helped him with the Phone Calls. That the Police, Medics and Doctors saved his Life, if his condition does not change in the Hospital. I mean the Police told us until they drove away, that everything was fine. That we did handle the Situation very well. That we just should cool down and not think about it much. He was a risk for us as well and insane. Going out of the Situation to call the Police while observing the Person, was just fine. Just fine considering that we are not Experts.. not Psychologist. Just fine considering we were involved People who just went out to the Streets at Night and indeed didn´t expect a Situation like that.

The young People and me did greet each other and everybody went Home. I can´t tell you about them but I can tell you that it took me more than one Hour to sleep. I just had to think about all that until I decided to hide my Thoughts to fall asleep. I hope the other Guys were able to do the same. Maybe that’s what these Cops, Medics and Doctors have to do each day so that they wont get crazy.

I didn´t know the suicidal Person. Fortunately today I don’t have to think about it all the Time. Anyway I noticed some thoughtfulness Minutes. I just wanted to write that Experience down here.

It´s strange. I had such a wonderful Day on Saturday until the Story above happened. When I visited the Nature with my Family, I thought Life is so beautiful. Life is so beautiful. It must be such a different Feeling in comparison to what the suicidal Person might have experienced in his Life now.

I know that Life can sometimes not only be beautiful. I know that Life can get difficult as well. I hope that we all will find Ways to also master the difficult Times in our Life instead of seeing Suicide as a Solution for the Problem. I think Life is just that… a mix of beautiful and difficult Times. If we master difficult Times, we maybe will be rewarded with a beautiful Time too. The Chance of this Reward is not there anymore if we commit Suicide. I hope I always will pull the Option to master my Problems. I really hope that for us all.


    • True. I really dont wish anybody such a situation. It was so scary. Thanks about the compliment. The group of younger People did show courage as well. But the police had to calm us. We all thought first that we did handle the situation wrong. But they told us calling the police instead of playing the psychologist or hero was just right and perfect. This was difficult for every involved person.

  1. You did the right thing in this situation. You got involved and tried to help the person the best way you could think of at the time. I, too, would have been afraid that he could hurt me. Very happy the emergency crew was able to get the man’s heart started again. Hopefully he will get the help he needs so he can get his life on a good track.

    • Thanks. Yea I do think we act very spontaneous in those moments but I think too today that we did the right. I also hope for him that he gets on the right track but we can´t know this now. But I do think we have a lot of possibilities here to help psychic labile people. I hope he accepted further help of the experts. Thanks for your thoughts to the topic.

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