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General Anesthetic Aftermath today…

Like I mentioned here, I had some Problems with my Teeth but due to my Dental Fear I wanted to test out Dormicum which is a Sedative which would cause Twilight Sleep.

But with my Dental Anxiety I simply could not trust all the stories about the Sedative Dormicum and the Twilight Sleep. I mean it sounds ok but still not like my favorite way I would let someone operate on me. In the past I had good Experience with General Anesthetic (endotracheal anesthesia) and thought I better let the Anesthetist and Dentist work with me the same way like in the past. I really prefer Endotracheal Anesthesia for a Dental Operation because my Dental Anxiety.

You´ll maybe laugh at me now but I find it is a straightforward Solution for those who suffer on Dental Anxiety. Really. Going sleep for some time and wake up after the Action is over, is just that simple. Also less bad Feelings in the Mouth due to the Fact that they did not use any Local Anesthesia while operate on me. Simple, painless and practically. Really.

However.. General Anesthetic can cause also some Aftermath. In the past I did not have much Side Effects due to a General Anesthetic. But today I did feel Circulation Problems and Headache after the General Anesthetic. But it was not a real Problem. I simply went into the Bad when I arrived at Home to take some rest.
Now in the Evening I still feel a little bit out of it. But I will relax and watch TV. I bet I am ok tomorrow.

All in all I do think it´s better than not going to the Dentist. General Anesthetic is therefor always a good Option for me. Even if some People mean it´s like taking a Sledgehammer to crack a Nut. I do think it´s still better then not being able to crack that Nut.

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