A Topic about Problems and Controversy. Do you know this helpless Feeling?

I have a Controversy and Problems with someone. It´s really one of these Disputes where both Sides seems to have their own Opinion and wont understand each other much less forget the Controversy.

It´s sometimes really funny. Do you know that Feeling that you cant understand the View of the other Person while you know he probably feels the same about you?
It´s that Situation where both Sides got stuck on their own Opinion and Standpoint. Fact is that if both discuss more about the Problem, it will be even more worse and cause more bad Controversy. In these Situations I feel helpless, miss the Logic on the other Side and simply cant understand or accept the other Opinion, while I know the Person on the other Side seems to feel the same. I notice it.

So what is the Solution for those deadlocked Controversys? Forget the Person and Controvery because Time might heal? Ignorance and freezing the Connection for some Time? I really have the feeling only Time can help here. The Fact is that more Discussion has no reasonable chance at the Moment to get the Problem out of the World. Maybe really Time should heal all the Wounds now as we, the involved Persons wont get to a Solution currently. It feels like we have reached an impasse.

Also it´s crazy that both Sides think the other Person has started the Problem. We both lay the blame on the doorstep of the other Person and feel right about that.
This is a mess. Maybe really Time should heal that Wound now.

Do you know this Feeling when you had a Controversy where both Sides feel right and put the Blame on the other Person? What was your Solution?

I mean do you know the feeling that you think that the other Person started the Trouble and that you cant understand why he is not accepting it? This helpless Feeling? The Feeling to be on a solid Ground? How did you handle a Controversy where both Sides think that they are in the right? Is Time the only Solution?

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