Listening to Grandma is a lot of fun. I do enjoy that.

Today I visited Grandma. It´s always fun to listen to Grandma when she wallows in memories and talks a lot. She told me how much fun she had with Grandpa together. We talked about that Time when we all did travel together from Germany to France for some Weeks. I can remember this was a really beautiful Time with the whole Family together in a differend Country. France was always a great place to make Holidays. We did that many Years again and again. It was fun.

But Grandma and me talked not only about the Times we had together. Grandma told me a lot about the Places she visited with my Grandpa together when I was still not born. It´s really fun to listen to Grandma´s Stories. I guess you know how much fun it is to listen to your Grandparents Stories.

I like to visit Grandma and Grandpa as often as I can. They did show me a lot when I was young. Family is an very important Part in my Life. I enjoy meeting the Family and have some talk together about this and that.


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