Another Hobby I didn´t write about much…


There is another Hobby I pretty much love. Even if I am still not expert in this Area. But it´s fun to learn and to share what I learned. I like not only to play with Photoshop, I do like to play with 3d Software as well. At the Moment I do use Maxon Cinema 4d pretty often. But as I said.. there is still plenty to discover.

Above you can see an Imgage I did render a while ago. I developed this Scene somewhat spontaneous. I really didn´t know what to do.. I just played with some Cinema 4d Tools and the Image above is the result.

Later I thought it could be a Drone in the Desert. Really I usually start without a Plan. I love playing, nevermind what kind of Hobby I enjoy. This counts for playing Guitar, Photography, writing and what ever. I just start without a big Idea or Plan. Ideas might arrive while I enjoy any of those Hobbys.

But back to the Scene.. I first started with a Heaven and Cloud Background and developed a Landscape and added a Sand Texture. I really didn´t know what to add to that Landscape Scene and became bored. When I remember right, then it was so that I wanted test the Extrude Tools of Cinema 4d. I added a simple Sphere with a metalic Texture and then I pushed out (extruded) all those Arms and so which you can see on the Drone or what ever it could present. The Sphere then seemed to be anything abstract, and I was wondering about my result. I think it´s really a Trash Scene but I love the Reflections of the Metal on the Drone. I would say it´s rather an abstract Text Render. Nothing big.

But if you see it as an abstract Image, then it´s ok I guess. I can do that all the Time. I sometimes definitely produce Trash on the Computer but anyway it´s somewhat fun. It´s like discovering a Software.. learning new Stuff and so. Even if theoutcome is sometimes Trash or pretty abstract. 🙂

I just tell you because it might be that you find some 2d or 3d Trash Images I made with Cinema 4d, on my Blog as well in the Future. It´s just a warning for you, in case you wonder about any abstract 3d Stuff. 😀

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