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A beautiful Steller’s Jay Photo

I found this Photo of a very beautiful black and blue Bird on Nature Mom´s Blog. It´s a Steller’s Jay. The Bird is very beautiful and I do like the colors of the Feathers. She found the Bird in her Backyard and she tried to take a Photo for months. She finally had success. 🙂 Please visit her Blog if you are Nature interested.

Chronicles of a Suburban Nature Mom

For months, I’ve been trying to capture a photo of the jay that visits the feeder in our backyard.  Finally!

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  1. What a beautiful photo. I live in Southern Oregon. I’ve been able to entice one particular jay to my feet. Each time I went outside, I noticed one jay that stayed on the fence and fluffed up all of it’s feathers. I started using the same tone of voice calling it “Birdie.” I began making friends with him by leaving the bird feeder empty and only putting a very small handful of seed, onto the bird feeder (while calling him in the voice) whenever this particular jay was on the fence. At first, he would only fly to the feeder when I was about 6 ft. away. Over a period of weeks, I stood closer and closer. Now I can stand at the bird feeder while he eats. If I go out and do not immediately call him and give him seeds, he flies off the fence and swoops just inches from my head squawking to let me know of his expectation. I’ve been able to photograph him very close up. I plan to write about this in an upcoming post. Oh how I love The Animal Spirits. Thanks for sharing your photo. ~G

    • Credits should go to Nature Mom´s Blog which is linked in the Blogpost here. She made the Photo, not me. However it was interesting to read your Story. I believe it is not easy to archive what you did. I think you showed a lot of patience and knowledge about birds or animals. It was an interesting read for me 🙂 Thanks for your wonderful comment and story.

      Animals are indeed so cool. I like them too. I will stay tuned on your blog so that I dont miss your story about the meetings with a Steller’s Jay. By the way I am from germany and didn´t even know this kind of bird until I read Nature Mom´s Blogpost with the Photo. I just got permission to reblog it as I found the bird so beautiful and because my blog is here and there sometimes also animal and nature related. 🙂

      • Thank you for your response. The jays in Southern Oregon, USA look different than the one in the picture. They are plumper and do not have a crest on the top of their head. When I post about it, I’ll include a photo. Thanks for following me. I’m a new blogger. I will follow you back. Many blessings from Oregon USA to Germany. ~G

        • Interesting. I am already nosy 🙂 Feel free to post you link to the Steller’s Jay Blogpost here if you posted it. I mean in case I missed it. I regulary warch in the wordpress reader to look what my blogging friends post but as I do follow over 20 blogs I think, it might happen that I miss one or the other blogpost. I hope not.

          Cool that you are new blogger. I hope you will have a lot of fun with blogging. It´s really cool and fun.
          Greetings and blessings from North Germany to the USA as well 🙂

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