I open my Ears for everyone but sometimes it is to much!

Do you know this Feeling? People think that you are a great Listener.. that you maybe can give some good Advice? I listen to my Family and Friends if they have any Problems they want to talk about. I usually have no Problems to listen and if I can, then I do try to give Advice. But sometimes it is to much for me too.

Today was such a I Day and I felt depleted because I heard to much about Problems last Days. But Today has been the worst. I arrived at Home and a Friend called me by Phone and told me about his latest Problems. It was a Call about an Hour. After this Call I got a next Call from another Friend and he told me 3 Hours about his latest Problems, while I got Messages about Problems at the same Time via the Android App called Whats App, from the Friend who called me before. I had the Feeling of working for a “Care of Soul Department” because the Phone ringed constantly last few Days. It is that Point where I sometimes think I should not answer the Phone Call anymore.

It´s strange. As I said.. I usually listen to my Friends and I think thats what real Friends should do. Listening not only in good Times but also in bad Times. I usually have no Problems with it. So I think it was not the Problem that Friends contacted me last Days to talk about Things and their Problems. It was rather the amount of Problems I listened too. Especially if some of their Problems could in my Opinion be managed easy, if they would listen to the Advice I gave them as a Friend! I know not every Advice is good but in this Case I thought there would be some great Ways to get a Solution. But I felt like they didn´t listen to me.. they just wanted to talk. Ok.

Do you know this? Do you know this Point when it gets hard to listen or to give more Advice? I am at that Point right now. I have the feeling of not touching the Phone again next Days, if I hear the Ring Tone. It was simply to much for me last Days.

I also sometimes dont understand why People rather want to talk about the basic Problem and Story instead of talking about what the Solution to the Problem could be? Open one´s Heart… well I know this Feeling and Needs sometimes too. But wallow in self-pity on the Phone for over 3 Hours instead of developing Solutions together, is not really expedient.

As hard it sounds.. I heard enough last Days. I heard enough. Is it bad if I need a Break?


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