My biological Clock is misaligned…

As writen in the Topic: My biological Clock is misaligned…

On new Years Eve I visited my Family and some of us took one and the other Drink. Party started slow but became funny later on. I believe I drank a little bit to much but who cares. I think we kicked ass of the evil Ghosts so that they cant annoy us in 2013. Not only that we did shoot them away with Rokets… I think the loud Music did a good Job too. 🙂

But I must say that this Evening did change my biological Clock a little bit. I have some sleep Problems right now. I woke up to early today. But I think I can repair my biological Clock next Days. I feel fresh but I guess I should take a Midday Nap later on.. maybe for one or two Hours. It´s just if I wake up in the Night, then I feel exhausted on the Day. That´s why I should fix that soon. Well, you know.. there are Things to do on the Day and if you are not concentrated, then it´s annoying.

I think December was a pretty great Month. I love to be with the Family and I also visited many Friends. It was a Month of being together. It has been a fast Month.. lots of activity and lots of Food. And as said.. here and there also some Drinks. I must admit that most of us are now also happy to go back to normal.

I hope you had a great Time too. And I wish you everything good for 2013. 🙂

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