A Domain Name for my Blog :)


Today I purchased a domain name in the wordpress.com store. I remember back when I started my first blogpost here and didn´t even know why I did. Looks like I just wanted to have a place where I can write down some future thoughts and it seems that I wanted to use the blog also to improve my english because I am german. But when I look back to the past months, it seems that I did write more then initially planed.

I discovered not only blogging as a new interesting activity, I discovered photography as a new hobby and that I can use own photos to get inspired to write stuff down. I just noticed it is something I wont give up anytime soon and thought it might be an improvement to get a domain name here. And I got it now. I didn´t want to make a rocket science out of the name. First I wanted to ask my readers for ideas but then I decided to just take the initially used blog title “Diary of Dennis” since it descripes the blog pretty well as I rather write about various topics, own interests. My blog is not a niche blog and I do think “Diary” fits then. So the blog domain is now called diaryofdennis.com. I am somewhat happy about the decision to get the domain and I do think it is very affordable.

Those who follow me, noticed already that I do write about this and that. I am sorry if there is sometimes a topic you aren´t interested in. I know someone who wants to see photos, is not always necessarily interested in blogposts about computer games, music and so. Same vice versa. However, I do blog for fun and in the past I did not have that much fun with own niche web projects. But this time I do have because I can write down here what ever comes up in my head. I anyway hope I wont chase people away because too much differend topics sometimes. I am also sometimes a very regular blogger and sometimes not. I wont force me. I discovered, it is fun how I do it just right now. So excuse me for this kind of irregular blogging.

So overall I can say that this blog got supplied with more blogposts I ever thought. Which means the purchase of the domain name made sense to me. But at the same time it means there still wont be any blogging plans or rules I set my self in the future. I´ll just continue what I begun… blogging when I feel to do so. 🙂

But at the end I really really want to thank all who followed me, commented and liked some of my blogposts. I really enjoy the wordpress community. You all write a lot of interesting things and often I do feel like I am travelling, even if it´s digital travelling… and some of you visit me back. I want to say thank you. Internet opens the world a lot. I like this pretty much. So, see you soon… as always, either on your or my blog 🙂

3 thoughts on “A Domain Name for my Blog :)

    1. Thank you very much for the congratulation. 🙂 I think there will be computer games related topics in the future in case I find some “interesting good” or “scandalous bad” (lol) things to mention or rant about. 🙂 Looking forward to your articles too.

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