We officially started Barbecue Season 2013

My mother called me by phone today and asked if I would like barbecue. I said “Oh yes!” because it would be our first barbecue in 2013. I love barbecue. She said that her husband bought some meat and that she will make salad and that I should visit them for barbecue at 6 pm. I said this is great but had to mention that I have not too much time because I still need to monitor my cat time by time due to the fact that she is still sick because we visited the veterinarian yesterday. My mother said … Continue reading We officially started Barbecue Season 2013

Daily Prompt: Your Time to Shine

The Daily Post asks: Early bird, or night owl? I must admit that I am probably rather a night owl. Like most of us, I do have to be active on the day but I feel much better if it´s night. In my free time I often prefer to be active the whole night. I can release much more creativity and satisfaction in the night. But I do have sleep problems anyway. My day and night rhythm can change so often. I sometimes even can´t control my sleep rhythm. Yes, it is abnormal. I talked with my doctor about the … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Your Time to Shine

The Date with the Veterinarian

Today I carried my cat Shyna to the veterinarian. We had a date there for castration and removing her dental calculus under general anesthetic. We did plan this all already on our last date. However, there was anyway a small examination today. They did weigh my cat again and told me her weight is 3.5 kg. They also listened to her heart and said that everything sounds ok. I carried her to the veterinarian at 9 am and they told me I can pick her up at 6 pm. I must say I was so nervous and I still am. … Continue reading The Date with the Veterinarian

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

This is my contribution to the “Weekly Photo Challenge: Up“, while I must admit that the husband of my mother took the photo, when he visited a friend who is living in an apartment tower. The quality of the photo is not so good but anyway I do like the image. What you can see on the image, is a small part of Lübeck´s skyline. There is one old freight depot on the right side of the bridge and I took a photo some time ago. You can´t see it but in the direction behind the bridge is the train … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

The photos above are last images we could take when there was still a lot of snow. We had a strong and long winter until this april but the snow disappeared one week ago. The last winter pictures of 2013 above means change to me because of that. After this long and varied winter and even as a winter fan, I must admit that I now want some sunbeams as well. The dog of my mother above on the pictures, has probably the same request. 🙂 Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Change