Daily Prompt: Prized Possession

The Daily Promt asks: “Describe an item you were incredibly attached to as a child. What became of it?”. Well,…

My answer is…

I can remember many items I liked in my childhood but there is one particular item or product which helped me to overcome boredom if my friends didn´t have time to play soccer outside with me or if the days were too rainy or cold.

It was the Amiga Computer. The Amiga was pretty famous in that time before the PC became more successful. I sold my Amiga someday because I got a PC as well. But I do remember that it did hurt little bit. I mean because of the good memories. It was really one very important item in my childhood and one of the items which caused that I learned pretty late what boredom means… this sounds funny but boredom was really something external for me. But I sold the Amiga due to the fact that the direction to go changed. PC was the future now which means that I was able to discover new technology then and this was fun as well.

But many names of Amiga games I played are still burned in my head. Games like Alone in the Dark, Lost Patrol, Wings of Fury, Buggy Boy. Giana Sisters, Super Frog, Monkey Island, Speedball, Lemmings, The Settlers, Another World, Flashback, Dune, Indiana Jones, Stunt Car Racer, Syndicate, Rick Dangerous, Sim City, North & South, Theme Park, Ishar, Desert Strike, Heimdall, Legend of Kyrandia, Simon the Sorcerer, Strike Aces and and and…

The list of games I played is even longer. It is also fun that I played many games which got their Sequels or Remakes on the PC later too. So, yes… I know a lot about this topic and won´t be angry if you call me a nerd 😀 Games and computer technology are still one of my interests today.

It was a fun time and the computer industry and game industry has changed a lot. It is often funny to remember how games looked like in the old times compared to how they look like today. But I also enjoyed the old games pretty much in my childhood.

So the Amiga is definitely one of the very often used items of my childhood. Did you own any Amiga Computer too? What are your feelings about that time?

3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Prized Possession

  1. We had an amiga. I think the boys were then about 10 years old, but mum (me) used to play all the games, my first steps in the cyberworld. We had a Commodore 128 before we got that, so I might be getting the games confused. I remember I loved to play Wizzball where you had to paint the landscape with colour balls you got from the wizard and Kuoni’s Rift which was a sort of brainless travel game in a space ship. they were the good old days.

    1. Hehe thats fun. Yea in our family everyone was impressed by the amiga and earlier stuff too. Earlier… My parents had a Commodore 64 and then a Commodore 128 too but I was very young then. I just can remember to any olympic games we played on the 64 or so. I think one of the game was called Summer Games. Never heard about Wizzball and Kuoni’s Rift and much other Commodore 128 games but later amiga got me really into all that computer stuff. It begun to be like “Whoaa” that all is cool. 🙂

      Thanks for your memories and thoughs. 🙂

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