Daily Prompt: Your Time to Shine

The Daily Post asks: Early bird, or night owl?

I must admit that I am probably rather a night owl. Like most of us, I do have to be active on the day but I feel much better if it´s night. In my free time I often prefer to be active the whole night. I can release much more creativity and satisfaction in the night.

But I do have sleep problems anyway. My day and night rhythm can change so often. I sometimes even can´t control my sleep rhythm. Yes, it is abnormal. I talked with my doctor about the problem but the fun thing is that I love those days when my rhythm changes so that I am active in the night instead of the day. I love those days.

On the other side it is not easy if you have to work or if there are dates at daytime. But anyhow I did familiarize with my sleep problems.

You can say I often see daytime and nighttime pretty often in a month. It´s a ever-changing rhythm. I already created strategies to live with it and to enjoy it.

My biological clock is maybe often misaligned as I mentioned already in another blog post. 🙂

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