Daily Prompt: Key Takeaway


This is my Daily Prompt mission for today: “Give your newer sisters and brothers-in-WordPress one piece of advice based on your experiences blogging”. Ok, let me start…

I believe I learned a lot due to the fact that I did experiment on different blog projects. Even if I have been asked for just one piece of advice, I do write down more tips than just one now.

1. Perseverance and patience! Things won´t happen over night. Whether you are looking for incoming traffic (views), comments on your blog posts or any of your other wishes and targets. In fact, things will happen over a long period. I learned one formula… the more content, the more activity, socializing and interaction will happen on your blog. But don´t forget that the content must be attractive in some way. And if you need a break, just do it because you can come back with new ideas later. Don´t delete your blog just because thing´s didn´t happen over night.

2. Do publish things with passion. I mean write about topics which are in your interest and not about topics you would need to research to 100%. Research is great and the information’s can enhance your blog posts. But, if even you are not interested in the topics you write about, how could the readers be? They will notice that it is not your subject matter. Create your own universe, whether it is a niche or a general blog. People will notice, it´s you.

3. Don´t believe every shit, (I am sorry for the word) of those self-appointed SEO (Search engine optimization) Experts. Most of them are wannabe experts and don´t know nothing. There are some who can give you great advice, but most of them are just people who want to jump on a train of an already overrun topic. And some give you pretty dangerous advice. Most of their tips will rather hurt your blog or destroy your business, just in rare cases the tips will help. I do not want to tell you that search engine optimization is irrelevant. Search engine optimization is helpful but I want to tell you, be careful who you believe and what you do. Google can penalize you pretty hard if you take the wrong route.

4. If somebody is appreciating your content with a nice comment, then reply as often as you can! People will appreciate that even more. And do think about visit their blog back if they have one. I know this is not always possible but at least do it sometimes. If you find interesting content on the other blog too, drop some words there as well. This kind of socializing can sometimes create interesting connections between bloggers.

5. Some people would tell you to always blog regularly. If you swimm in a never depleting pool of inspiration, then do it. If not, then I tell you, write only if you feel to do so. Nothing is more boring than a compelled looking blog post. Do write for fun, if you are inspired, otherwise don´t force you to anything.

6. Forget every blogging rules you read about, yes even the ones I mentioned here, if they don´t correlate with your idea of blogging. And don´t take all those success stories of other people too serious. Find your own reason for blogging and again, do it for fun! Success is in the internet not really predictable and apart from that it is anyway a question of definition. Having fun with your blog, can already be a kind of success too.

As you can see, advice can be given. But at the end it depens on you. There is not too much set in stone. The most essential thing is that blogging should be fun and not a pesky feeling.

9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Key Takeaway

    1. I´m glad that you found the article interesting. I wish you much luck and fun with your blog 🙂 Hope you will blog with passion and many own ideas 🙂

  1. This is a good article. I like the first and the second very much! I don’t post often …I just write when I feel I have something to say.

    1. Thank you Niki. Then we both are very similar at this point. I dislike to create my own shedule as well. I do believe many give up because they set themself too much own duties. This simply can´t happen if you only write, if you feel to do so in my experience. Thanks for your opinion. 🙂

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