Today I won 500€ on Paypal but…

As the title of this blog post states… I have won 500€ on PayPal but looks like I am not the only one. I am not exactly sure if this is only a problem for PayPal germany or international.. but in germany there are now many 500€ winners due to an error. PayPal Germany did send out a mass of emails with a notification about a 500€ win.

The PayPal email seems to be not a phishing email and several other german bloggers contacted PayPal and the supporters stated that the email has been sent out in mass due to an error and that there will be a notification about this mistake later on via email.

But here comes the problem. There is a paragraph in the german law called § 661a BGB which basically says that if a company sends out a prize notification or if the company creates the impression that the customer has won a prize, then the company has to pay out this prize.

Actually this is a huge topic in different german forums and there is a big conversation broken out. Due to the mass email and error it seems to be a huge thing right now.

Interesting to follow what will happen. There are already first people asking and connecting for a class action lawsuit on Facebook and different other websites.
But I have to mention that there is another paragraph in german law called § 120 BGB which basically means that § 661a BGB can be avoided if things happened by mistake.

So, as you can see… this is right now pretty interesting to follow. It is a pretty big topic right now. It could either get pretty expansive now for PayPal or they will appeal against any possible law suits. Let´s see what will happen.

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