Slowed down a little bit…

I slowed down my publishing tempo a little bit the last weeks and there are some reasons for it. First of all I wanted to be easy with my left hand for a while. I had a strange problem with my left hand. My left hand felt one day suddenly numb. I mean my thumb felt numb and the hand and arm like if I would have a muscle ache.

Soon I noticed that I can´t even hold a one liter water bottle straight in my left hand anymore. When I did try it, it didn´t even hurt.. it was rather like there is no power in my wrist anymore. The hand or wrist did simply bent down when I did try to hold the water bottle. There was no way to hold the bottle straight or to raise the bottle more than 4 centimeter from the table.

Indeed, I had to visit a doctor to ask him whats wrong with my left hand. But my doctor is a general practitioner and thought it might be something with my nerves in the wrist or so. He then wrote me a letter of referral for a neurologist. I called any neurologist near my home to check if they have a date but they said I can visit them 9th July. Wow! I run around with this annoying problem and the fastest date I can get is on the 9th July. Indeed, I called several doctors but the July date is even the best because other neurologists just had dates even later.

I run around with this problem since some weeks now but I must mention that it became better over time. It´s still annoying but now I can again play guitar or write much, which was not possible some weeks ago. Even if the problem goes away, I will visit this neurologist to ask him what it can be. My general doctor said it might be a carpal tunnel syndrome.

I told my doctor that I wanted to improve playing the Jimi Hendrix song called Little Wing on guitar and I told him too that I played the song up and down 6 hours a day and this a whole week or so. The song is somewhat complex and not easy to play in my opinion. Apart from this, I also wrote a lot last time and my doctor just had to laugh and said “Overexertion for the hand or nerves near the hand”. In July the neurologists must now proof if it is really a carpal tunnel syndrome.

But as said, I have the feeling that the problem disappears every day a little bit more. But still worth to ask a neurologist about anyway. If the problem disappears completely, then I hope it won´t come back some day. I play the guitar and it is one of my greatest hobby´s, which means I need my hands.

Then came the sun. We had a lot of rainy days in germany but finally the sun is now there. A general laziness when we talk about computers, came over me. I was more outdoors than in front of the computer. But this also means that I have some new photos and so for future blog posts. 😉 Now that my hand is a little bit better, it might be that I write more but there is still the laziness and the sun outdoors which slowed me down. Let´s see.

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