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Hard Drive Broken and Data Loss? No Problem! Ask NSA and CIA for a Back Up.

Funny Prism Meme. Funny NSA and CIA Data Center Meme.

I was bored today and after reading too much about the Prism scandal and Edward Snowden in the news, I decided to create a photomontage and a funny meme with Photoshop or let me say a parody about Prism, the NSA and CIA. I used this creative common image and photo of a data center and pimped it a little bit so that it fits my taste. I then added a few decals and finally added a meme message.

As said. This is a parody about the whole scandal and all involved authorities and the image is not meant to offend any US citizen but instead meant to bring in some fun and sarcasm to the current event which is actually seriously discussed and writen about every where in the media.

If you had to laugh, feel free to look at my other attempts to be funny. 😀

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