My Top 5 Online Places with the Shittiest Community

Attention: I am aware that this blog post as a rant has dispute potential. Please notice the following opinion is subjective. I do not talk about every people who use the following platforms. I just talk about my own experience and that I found “many” people there with bad behavior and this is why I thought to create my own Top 5 of the worst communities of the internet.

1. Reddit
They call themself democratic while they choke on their own rules. Their own online police (the users) will always find something to bitch around with. Probably a place full of people who enjoy the online anonymity and trolling because of their dissatisfied real lives. Not to speak about all the fake accounts which vote their own submission up and submission of other people down. Clearly a place with the shittiest and most bitching community and the biggest competitive behaviour. A place with paranoid moderators, who build up there own habitats of dictatorship which are called subreddits.

2. Imgur
Easy to spot stolen images and simply a place where many people never heard about image rights. Apart from that also a place full of idiots who down vote everything but not their own content. Trolling and bitching people who have to complain about everything to just get a little feeling of own importance.

3. World of Warcraft
A game which you can enjoy if you have some real friends who play with you since many years. If not, be prepared to meet a dozen of assholes per week. A community full of scumbag, brainsick and stubborn people. A bunch of immature players who can´t get is easy enough and as long as Blizzard is listening, things will continue. It was not always the case. The fun fact is that Blizzard has raised this brazen community because the game became more and more anonymously and due to the fact that they bring in more and more simplifications of the game content. Old players left, more casual players came. This is the spawn of Blizzard.

4. EA´s and BioWare´s SWTOR community. Apart from the fact that I left the game already after the beta, it must be mentioned that their forums always have been a place where not only the users are somewhat ignorant but also their moderators. But this is an old shoe. I left the community not only because of the unbearable game content but also because of the unbearable involved persons who wanted to praise old features as modern and new.

5. It is funny that I have to mention a german fish and aquarium related discussion forum. The forum is even called “aquariumforum” with a german domain ending. Sorry to sound a little bit cryptic but this is a place I wouldn´t even give a backlink from this article here but this goes for the whole Top 5 here. I joined this forum some time ago to have nice discussions and to share know how with people who enjoy the same hobby like me. But instead I met a bunch of smartypants who mostly prefer to discuss the use of capital and small initial letters. On the other side I found a lot of afraid people who did finish their sentences always with “Sorry for my very stupid question”. I can´t remember what I did dislike more… the thread police there or the afraid and devote community.

This Top 5 is my experience of the last 3 years. I enjoy a lot of websites but the mentioned above are in my opinion just horrible. I left Reddit, Imgur, SWTOR and the german fish tank forum some time ago as it has been unbearable there. It´s funny that I still join the World of Warcraft Universe here and there but that´s so due to the fact that I play it with some real life friends and that we have our own guild there and that I don´t have to rely too much on the community.

I trully could write down a Top 5 or even a Top 10 of my favorite online places in the web. Let me think about it. Maybe I will do it someday. 🙂

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