Daily Prompt: Earworm

I just listening to the Cat Fish Blues (Jimi Hendrix Version) but covered by Steve Webb & EXP, which seems to be a Hendrix Tribute Band. I must say that Steve has captured that killer Hendrix live sound like no other person. If it would be a mp3 and not a video, I would have thought it is Jimi Hendrix. No joke. The version above is simply fantastic like all other Steve Webb & EXP covers I found on YouTube.

If you love that special Hendrix killing guitar sound and those great licks, you should check out these guys. In some guitar forums, people call it correctly the most authentic-sounding “Hendrix sound” to date. The Cat Fish Blues which was by the way originally a Muddy Waters song, is in the Hendrix or let me now say Steve Webb & EXP version, my Earworm of the week.

Not enough, As I do play guitar I also wanted to learn the song and came across some tutorials on YouTube. This guy is explaining the Muddy Waters Cat Fish Blues style Lick on guitar. Another friendly guy is digging deeper into the Hendrix Style of the Cat Fish Blues. And then I came across a much cooler explanation of the Hendrix Cat Fish Lick on e-guitar. I had to laugh when he said the guitar licks of the Cat Fish Song are like “Some one is asking” and Another person is answering”. But it explains that kind of tune pretty good. It does truly sound like just this.

I want to mention something else. Sometimes people do call the song Voodoo Chile (slight return) or Voodoo Child but I do think this is very wrong and these are different songs and tunes. It is just simply called Cat Fish Blues and Hendrix was inspired by the Muddy Waters song. If you are guitarist, then you should learn the licks. Pretty awesome blues style. It´s not so easy to learn and has a lot of “thrills” and “bendings”. But give it a try.

I learned already parts of the song but I realize that my guitar is just crap. Time to save money for a Fender Stratocaster. I own already a software called Amplitube 3 which is a Guitar Amp Simulation Tool. You can recreate different amps of the past and also those Hendrix played if you have a soundcard or let me say guitar device where you can connect your guitar with your computer and if you have a music production tool like Ableton Live for example.

This is already a lot of fun but can you remember “If you put shit in, you get shit out”? This does not only count for computer technology. It does also count for music instruments. Amplitube is awesome… nothing to say about it. But my guitar is not. I have a new goal. Yes I want to save money for a good Fender Stratocaster but that will take me sadly some time. But I am good in patience.

My grandpa just sold his nice Strat because he stopped to make music some time ago. He mentioned that I will maybe get the guitar some day but this did not happen now. Grandpa had to pay off some money and had to sell his guitar. It is sad because it was a great Strat from the 70´s I think. It did hurt my grandpa as well because of the good memories and because he couldn´t gift me the guitar now. But now he is instead unencumbered and that is great too. Yes it still hurts him and me too. But for me it´s not a big drama… he is for sure still my lovely grandpa.

So, as said… I will save up on my own way and I really would prefer a nice vintage Statocaster. Maybe a remade 60´s Strat or a blues style Strat. I love the tune of the vintage guitars. I also love the road worn style. But let´s see. I don´t like to talk about products I can´t even buy yet. I will go deeper into it when I saved the money. I notice I wrote a lot and the Cat Fish Blues and the Daily Prompt inspired me. Well, it´s that earworm I have due to the fact that I listened so much to the song this week and because I learned and played it up and down.

Hope you all have a great time too.

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