One Impudent Blogger and the Copyright Infringement.

I found one very impudent blogger yesterday after browsing some cat related blogs. I just saw some hight quality photos which I saw already anywhere else. The blogger did just upload the images without even linking back to the original content. Because I knew these photos, I browsed a little bit deeper into the blog and found even more stolen photos and thought to ask google for a text passage of a very well written article on the blog. What I found out is that even the articles were stolen from different websites.

At the end I noticed there was simply everything on the blog stolen. I really hate to play the online police but the copyright is in my opinion something important. If someone is falsely taking all the credit for content of other bloggers and photographer, then it is simply unfair and then I also start to think it is right to play the online police.

Because those fraudster taking an advantage which we fair bloggers won´t have. We do it on the fair way and create our own content. And if we find content of other people and if we like the content pretty much, we ask them to use the content and give credits with a link or we do reblog with a link. That´s called fair use. This is why I take this very serious.

I contacted the WordPress Team and just a few hours later, the mentioned blog was deleted. Looks like the WordPress support is pretty fast and awesome. One violating person less in the blogosphere. Thanks WordPress.

However, I did go the wrong way to report the violating content but learned in the wordpress forum a little bit more. So if you come into a similar situation and if you want to report unfair content thieves, then this article might be interesting for you.

12 thoughts on “One Impudent Blogger and the Copyright Infringement.

  1. Instead of talking to the blogger, you self-escalated and felt good. I bet WP didn’t even look into said blog but went along with your arguments. How clever

    1. The blog was shut down, that’s fine. I don’t have to talk to someone who is stealing content of others, and to be honest I don’t even care about that person. All I care about is fairness, and stealing content is simply every thing else but not fair. It’s a wrong behaviour, and gets you rightfully into trouble if you do so. Again, I am glad you appreciate one of my 3 years old articles by commenting on it. Thanks.

    1. Let me know if you need help with blogging. It seems you didn’t even feature out that you can reply under a comment instead of creating individual new comment chains.

    2. I almost forgot it… let me know if you finished your blogpost, I am very curious how you want to defend content infringement and I will give it a read. 🙂

    1. I couldn’t care less. We have a saying in Germany,… “In China ist ein Sack Reis umgefallen”. You might find out what it means since you do at least know how to use Google.

    2. Looks like the owner deleted the blog now. See what you did there you noble knight. Can’t be called instant justice, but it was still interesting. You either really wanted to defend a content theft, and managed it that the owner finally accepted the guilt after 3 years, thanks to your idea to continue to battle it out with me on the mentioned blog, or you’re a troll and the owner of the said blog and deleted it yourself. What ever happened, it seems that it was actually worth it that you took a bit of my time.

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