You are Invited to my Collaborative Pinterest Board called Eye Candy Photographs

Some time ago I did create a collaborative Pinterest board called Eye Candy Photographs and you are invited to pin there too if you use Pinterest! As the name implies, it´s a board where you can share and pin your own photographs if you do think they are Eye Candy. When you found this blog post and if you want to be on board, then all you have to do is writing a comment here on the blogpost with your user name on Pinterest and soon you will get my invite. Here is a description of the collaborative Pinterest Board … Continue reading You are Invited to my Collaborative Pinterest Board called Eye Candy Photographs

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

The image above is my entry to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea. The photo is made in Travemünde near Lübeck and you can see the Baltic Sea. You also can find my half brother in the water. The photo was made on a cloudy day. You can see with the mood of the photo that the north german summer will end soon. Even if I described it often on my blog. Here again… Sea does mean fresh air and water to me. If you are born near the sea, you will never want to move away from the sea. Sea … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

Again Cheap Games! Humble Weekly Sales of Paradox Games!

There is a new offer of cheap Paradox Games with the Humble Weekly Sales. And the good thing is that you decide what you want to pay for the game package and the best thing is that all the money is going to charity! Here is what you can get: Europa Universalis III Complete, War of the Roses Kingmaker, Warlock Master of the Arcane, Leviathan Warship, Dungeonland and the Showdown Effect. And additionally you can get Crusader Kings 2 and Magicka if you pay what the average Humble Bundle donator did spent for the package. You can find this nice … Continue reading Again Cheap Games! Humble Weekly Sales of Paradox Games!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

Some days ago, I found a bug near the stairway of my mother. We took the bug and went outside and droped the bug on the pavement and later on the grass. But first on the pavement to take a nice photo. I added a depth of field and vignette effect with the smartphone app pixlr o’matic as my smartphone camera has not such focal features like a pro camera. However, as always the result is great and I must say it again and again: smartphones are not too bad to take photos. This is why I will contribute with … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

EA Origin Store… Many Games 70% OFF

Just for the gamers under you. It looks like EA is offering games 70% OFF in the Origin store until August 27. It´s worth to take a look. It´s interesting to see that EA is trying out a different strategy with the store. Many gamers did complain about EA´s pricing policy in the past and I do think the complaining was rightly. However, maybe EA is trying to seek friendship with the gamers as they start to offer time by time bargains now and they are indeed fantastic. Maybe EA wants to increase the reputation. Just for your information. They … Continue reading EA Origin Store… Many Games 70% OFF