Activated WordAds

Some time ago I wrote already about the WordAds Program. Some month ago I did request an invitation to the WordAds program and I have been accepted yesterday. This means that WordPress does from now on share the income of the ad impressions with me.

Some of you may have noticed that I do blog for fun and not really because of any money. However, the domainname and other features on wordpress are connected with costs and that means I am open-minded to a little extra income to offset the yearly costs and maybe to book extra features on WordPress in the future.

I hope this idea will not annoy my readers too much. But on the other site I must mention that it is just a small ad on the bottom of each blog post, which means it should not be that annoying for my readers. I hope I am right. I just wanted to be fair here and wanted to tell my regular readers about my decision to activate ads on my blog.

But there was anyway the possibility in the past that you have seen ads on my blog since does display them from time to time since they still offer the hosting for free which means they need to get in the server costs as well. The difference is from now on that I get a share of it and that there is a small ad on the bottom of each post. I hope for your understanding.

I just wanted to inform my regular readers about it with this blog post. If you see any suspicious ad on my blog in the future, please tell me as I can inform the WordAds people so that they will take care of it and remove it. The customer support is pretty great over there.



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