You are Invited to my Collaborative Pinterest Board called Eye Candy Photographs

Eye Candy Photographs Pinterest Group Board Invite

Some time ago I did create a collaborative Pinterest board called Eye Candy Photographs and you are invited to pin there too if you use Pinterest! As the name implies, it´s a board where you can share and pin your own photographs if you do think they are Eye Candy.

When you found this blog post and if you want to be on board, then all you have to do is writing a comment here on the blogpost with your user name on Pinterest and soon you will get my invite.

Here is a description of the collaborative Pinterest Board I created:

Want to be on board? This is a collaborative Pinterest board. We show off interesting photography and welcome anybody who takes and shares great photos. Rules: Please no offending, illegal or disgusting and nudity content or links to that kind of content! Senseful and beautiful photos are allowed!

Check out Eye Candy Photographs.

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