Four Seasons but Autumn above all!

When I say “Four Seasons but Autumn above all!” then I mean that I like spring, summer and winter but autumn is really one of my favorite seasons. People sometimes think that I am crazy if I say this. But I do not understand why so much people dislike autumn. I like autumn probably so much because I am born in October. Ok that would be the superstition version of the answer. But more precisely I would say that I love rainy days. It is so cool to be in a warm place and listen to the raindrops on the … Continue reading Four Seasons but Autumn above all!

Hey fellow… It´s just a game! Please chill!

One thing I really hate is when people behave aggressively just because the own team did lose a match in a game. Today we did play Battlefield 3 with friends. We did join one server and talked about our tactics on our Teamspeak server. One of our friends is known for freaking out when anything in the game goes wrong. I think its ok to get upset sometimes if it is in a funny or smooth tune. But he sometimes sounds like he is on the brink to destroy his microphone or maybe his computer. Today again and it was … Continue reading Hey fellow… It´s just a game! Please chill!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

This is my entry to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated. It´s my kitty Shyna again. You know I love her so much, and take tons of photos with her! 🙂 I amplified the contrast and saturation much so that the image fits to the challenge. I like how the orange and blue blankets appears more powerful now. Also my cats eye´s do appear much more green due to the increased saturation. All the colours look more powerful on the image than before. I should play more often with the saturation of images. Funny how inspiring the Weekly Photo Challenge can … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

Enjoying the last warm Sunbeams of 2013

I went to the inner-city of Lübeck and bought a Thüringer Bratwurst and one the Mixery Beers called “Veltins V+ Curuba”. It was a spontaneous idea to eat a Bratwurst and to drink one beer. I did sit down on a stairway and enjoyed the last sunbeams. We had already some cold and rainy days in September but sometimes we do still have a warm day, like today. As often I saw some tourists in the city but I guess they will be the last ones for this year apart from the people who travel here to visit a white … Continue reading Enjoying the last warm Sunbeams of 2013

Name of the next World of Warcraft expansion maybe “Heroes of the Storm”?

Some Time ago Blizzard registered the trademark “The Dark Below” and it was a sign that it could be the name of the next World of Warcraft expansion. But the trademark vanished and can´t be found in any patent database anymore. But a new potential trademark from the applicant “Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.” has been found by some people over at MMO Champion. The name Heroes of the Storm is actually under examination of the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand which means it is not officially and sure that the trademark “Heroes of the Storm” will be registered. Joystig states … Continue reading Name of the next World of Warcraft expansion maybe “Heroes of the Storm”?

Another Science Fiction Movie… I saw Oblivion

Science fiction week here. For all the science fiction movie fans out there, I have another suggestion. I saw Oblivion and can suggest to see the movie. I do not want to say too much about the movie but I can say it is a post-apocalyptic story with Tom Cruise, Olga Kurylenko and some more. I loved the visual effects of the movie and the story was anyhow interesting. Some people wrote that the movie does borrow some plotlines from other well-known science fiction movies and this is true, but pretty nice implemented in my opinion. It´s one of the … Continue reading Another Science Fiction Movie… I saw Oblivion