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Steam unveils a “Family Sharing” program for digital lenders


The day has finally come for indie gamers to share digital copies of their beloved game libraries, as Valve has officially announced “Family Sharing” for gaming platform Steam — a free service that allows gamers to lend titles to friends and family through the cloud.

Users are able to share games by creating “authorized computers” within the cloud. Right now, Steam assigns games to specific usernames — if a family or group of friends play on the same computer, each person would have to have an individual copy of a game. Family Sharing would eliminate that rigidity by approving friends’ computers and creating a cloud-based gaming library.

According to Valve, sharing will be limited to 10 computers, and two players cannot play the same title simultaneously. Ownership is also important: Users who play a friend’s game in the cloud will be able to save their progress and clock their…

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