Hey fellow… It´s just a game! Please chill!

One thing I really hate is when people behave aggressively just because the own team did lose a match in a game. Today we did play Battlefield 3 with friends. We did join one server and talked about our tactics on our Teamspeak server. One of our friends is known for freaking out when anything in the game goes wrong. I think its ok to get upset sometimes if it is in a funny or smooth tune. But he sometimes sounds like he is on the brink to destroy his microphone or maybe his computer. Today again and it was absolutely annoying. We lost a match and he was screaming that we all got bad mood. It´s not really funny to hear somebody crying over ten minutes about just every aspect of the match or game.

I always have a public opinion and that’s why I told him “Hey fellow.. can you please chill? It is really just a game and if we lose, it will not kill us!”. I did add “You drive us all mad.. You are 29 years old but seriously.. you act like a little frustrated child..” and “Please chill out now!”. Then 30 seconds silence on our Teamspeak Server…

Until he said “I won’t put up with that!” and then we all did hear the common friendly Teamspeak server voice “Player leaved your channel” which means he left the server. Ok my opinion was straight but…

Seriously.. whats wrong with him? We play games in the evening because we want to chill out and because we want to have a nice evening. The other friends now said to me.. “Yea your right.. he´s just annoying.. someone had to tell him just that”. We all were the same opinion. There is sometimes something wrong in a game and sure we can get upset sometimes and that is ok. But constantly crying like a baby, is simply annoying.

It´s the tune… Sometimes being upset if anything goes wrong in a game is ok as long as you still can laugh and if you don´t take it always too serious. It should be fun.. a game. But he was freaking out and screaming constantly. It´s too much and annoying. Seriously I have neighbours and I did put down my speakers because I thought it is awkward if my neighbors would hear him. I guess this is called vicarious embarrassment.

However.. after he did leave our voice server, we were able to have fun again, nevermind if we did lose or win. That´s what I call great gaming and it has not been stressful anymore without him. He is now probably angry with me for some days but I don’t care as I know he will be back in a few days to tell me “You were right, I should not cry about every single bad situation in a game”.

Games can sometimes upset you, especially multiplayer games. It´s really ok to cry about some situations if it is not too often. I had to tell him and I told him pretty often in the past. He is a great guy but he takes a game too serious sometimes. But I guess he will learn. It´s just that I have to give my opinion if I feel that the situation starts to get annoying. He knows that I have no problem with him. It´s rather his manner I dislike. I don´t go online to hear a person screaming continuously out of my speakers. I simply want to chill out in the evening with all my friends, while we play a game together.

Did you ever have similar experience with someone? If so.. do you just listen and think your part? Or do you also prefer to tell people your opinion?

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