The bicycle of my mother has been stolen today…

While I have written a lot of cool stories about my hometown on my blog, it must also be mentioned that there are not only good things happening here. I know that each city has it´s crime but my feeling is that crime is on the rise. When I say that crime is on the rise in my town, then I mean that not only the amount of offences is growing, I also mean the criminals become more gutsy and sassy.

My mother went to a doctor today with her bicycle and looked the bike on the kickstand to go into the medical office. Later when she came out of the medical office, she couldn´t find her bicycle. I say the criminals become sassy because today they aren´t even afraid to steal a looked bike in the daytime with daylight.

On the other side I am pretty happy that my mother is ok. Because I have heard much crazier stories for example that there are thieves who attack you before they steal your bike. That means I am very happy that my mother is ok while I think that she will get a new bike in the future. But anyway it´s still sad. Honest people pay for a product. And a good ladies bike is not that cheap in germany.

That might sound like vigilante justice but my feeling really is like “If I see this asshole with the bike of my mother, I will punch him in the face to teach him a lesson about actions and the consequences”. Indeed, this is just a feeling and I would rather call the police with my mobile phone and chase the guy until the police arrives. But to be honest, the guy would have only luck as I respect the laws and as I don´t want to get into trouble with vigilante justice. Other than that I can promise that I don´t really respect criminals and I don´t even want to understand the reasons for their doings. As said I am grown up and got taught that every action has one or more consequences. That means I do not have to understand a criminal. I understand the whole thing already.

Buying a new bike immediately is not even possible. We are not poor but also not rich. My mother will need some time to save the money unless she will buy a good used one from a private person. So even if my mother is ok, it makes me still angry that there are people who think that they can steal everything and they do it today even by daylight. Not to mention that my mother needs the bike every day to drive to her job.

Maybe the police will find the bike or maybe not. But one thing is sure and I told it my mother “These guys can´t be lucky. They didn´t learn to manage and live their life without stealing, while we did learn how to do that. They can steal your bike but they can´t steal your happiness with life. You will be sad today but tomorrow you seek for a solution like you always did. You will work for a new bike to get it on the fair but difficult way. That´s what makes you different. You learned how to master difficult times, while they didn´t. That´s why you always came back to happiness”.

My mother smiled and said “That is true and she added “The mills of God grind slowly, but if they grind, they will grind strong and fast”. We both had to laugh when we realized that our words can get pretty religious, although we aren´t. In conclusion, I think we will as always manage the problem. But I had to write that story down to feel better.

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