How I hate sleepless nights…

I did have a sleepless night today. Ok I did sleep two hours but that is an amount which makes me feel like I didn´t sleep a minute. That makes me feel sick. And today I want to visit grandpa as the whole family will visit him, it´s his birthday.

It´s still some time till then and I hope I am able to take a nap before I visit him. At the moment I feel completely awaken and can´t fall asleep at the moment. But as said, I hope I can do so later for some hours before the family meeting. I dislike sleepless nights, ok at least if there are daytime plans.


2 thoughts on “How I hate sleepless nights…

    1. I managed it anyhow today 🙂 I was a little bit tired but I did visited grandpa´s birthday and it was fun. Some sleepless nights can be btw. pretty cool for blogging and so. But not if there is anything on the plan for the day. 😀

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