On my way home…

Train Station Lübeck

I still feel the side effects of yesterday. It was a big day and I don´t know where to start telling you. In the time when I was 18 and up to 24 or so, there was a very shabby but anyhow cool club in Lübeck. They organized a techno party called “Last Friday” each month and the name says all… it was always the last friday of a month. But apart from this event they also organized great evergreen music events. To come to the point, you were able to go there every friday and saturday as there was always any event. And it was always crowded as it was one of the very popular clubs of Lübeck. For sure, me and my friends were regulars in the club.

On the day I write this article here, I am 32 which means this is over a decade ago. The club closed at that time and it never has been opened again. But some weeks ago there was this message and invite spreading around on Facebook like a virus, that the club would open for a single “retrospection event” on Dec 7 this year. Well, this was yesterday!

Already weeks ago, it seemed to be sure that I would not be the only person who would use the “time machine”. It did end up that the Facebook page of the organizer could proudly announce that over 1000 old guests accepted the invite to the party. That means we went there yesterday to awake memories.

You know, my friends and me do not to that much party anymore but this would be an event we could not say no to.

Can you imagine how funny this is if you see all those faces again, which you still know because you was a regular guest in the club decades ago? This was one of these events where only people went to, who really have been there a decade ago as well.

All I can say… it was a blast. Well, the organization was bad and the staff of the event too apart from the DJ who rocked the house. And well, it was a problem to get our asses into the club as the queue was long like 300 meters. We did wait over an hour to get in there. But then it was epic and memories came up. The time machine was the best explanation for our feelings. We felt like visiting the old times.

Apart from the fact that it was a nice night, I must also admit that my sunday is therefor screwed. Yes there was maybe one and another glass of whisky too much. But after checking out Facebook, I realized that I am not the only one with sunday headache. 🙂

To tell you a little bit more about the mysterious but boring image above. This is the train station of Lübeck and I took the image on my way home. I must have thought with my drunken head, that this image is worth to show off on my blog. Today I realized that it was a drunken idea. But not only to take this image, but also to visit a second club of Lübeck in the morning after the other event. It was also no good idea to drink so much that there was no money left to be able to afford a taxi ride. We walked the whole way through Lübeck, absolutely drunken and feeling like 18 years old again.

Even if my sunday is now broken because of the alcoholics yesterday, the whole experience was it worth. It was a blast. I saw a lot of people from the old times, I had a nice day with my friends and overall it was it worth.

But now I should drink a lot of water, eat some vitamins and searching the headache pill to get along. 😀

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