Talking About Depression and Anxiety Disorder

Depressive Photo In Greyscale


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Talking about Depression and Anxiety

There is something I never talked about here and the fun fact is that those who read my blog regularly, probably will not believe me if I say that I suffered from depression and anxiety disorder some time ago. In fact I still suffer from depression anxiety disorder time by time today. People who read my blog regularly might think that it is hard to believe as there is a lot of happiness going into some of my posts, pretty much inspiration for new articles and anyway there are so many photos I took, which make it even harder to believe.

Taking photos outside? There was a time when it was not possible, because I constantly suffered from panic attacks when I went outside. It is rather so that I started with photography later and used this activity as a kind of therapy. Yes, you can say that I planned it in some way to break through this horrible anxiety disease and it´s accompanying effect of a depression. But this all is just a small sidenote to those who might find it hard to believe that I had to experience this illness.

Some might also think that it is brave to talk about this kind of diseases but I begun to talk about it years ago. I started to talk about it in the family and in the narrow circle of friends. It helped me a lot as I noticed a lot of appreciation and to my surprise I did even find out that some acquaintances did experience a similar problem. I was surprised how widespread this mental illness is. So, talking about it here is for me nothing I would call brave, it is after learning about the disease my duty as I probably can give some tips in my upcoming articles to people who suffer or suffered from the same disease.

While I usually only talk about it with the narrow family and my narrow friends, I can talk about it here as my private blog domain gives me some kind of anonymity anyway. But my main desire to talk about it here is as I said, that I do believe that I can give those some good advice in upcoming articles, for those who are at the beginning stage of the illness. You notice in my words that I am headed in the right direction to be healthy or at least now tolerable diseased. Yes, overall I feel again pretty lucky and healthy compared to the time years ago.

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Talking About Depression and Anxiety Disorder Part 4
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6 thoughts on “Talking About Depression and Anxiety Disorder

  1. Wow (´⊙ω⊙`)!
    I have emotional disorders for over 2 years. Side effects of prescription drugs treat me very bad so I stop using them. I start using medicines from local plants and a vegetarian diet. It gets better. Now I’m a vegan and trying macrobiotics. I wish everyone can give macrobiotics a try because it’s really great! (just some problems when I’m hungry..)
    Take care, have a nice day and ready for the next challenge ┏((= ̄(エ) ̄=))┛

    1. Yes, it seems that not everybody can stand antidepressants. Everybody must find the own strategy to fight the disease. I am happy that you found your own way and tools to get around with the illness. For all others who are still unsure, a doctor can inform about all methods and alternatives. Great that you found your tools already. Take care too please 🙂 We master all the challenges. 🙂 Thanks for your comment.

  2. I stumbled across this while googling bf4 settings! This is amazing and fits me to a tee! I forwarded it to my wife because she has been with me every step of the way! I’m currently with a physiatrist and adjusting meds.. like you they made me sleepy., but anyway, i’m not good at grammar and spelling, but i’m very glad you took the time to reach out and help! You have a gift of writing and having good sentence structure to get your point accross! I’m 45 and have been struggling since 1998! I’m on level 103 of bf4 because it seems to be my escape. However, I put so much time into it that( I think while playing) that i need to get outside!! I also have guitars and hobbies that have been put on the back burner! thank you! I may write back later to give more details of my medicines and problems I face!

    1. Hey Anthony.Cool that you stopped by! I know which BF4 article you meant. Cool that you found my anxiety and depressiopn article on this way also.

      Agree with you about the meds. Adjusting is the right word. I think we must find out for ourself which meds work well without much side-effects. Takes some time but will be rewarding to go on. Good that you are on that path with your doc too. Today I think it´s not a shame… rather the opposite as it is good to fight the problems. And well, everybody has different own problems. We´re not alone with problems.

      Thank´s for the compliment about my writing. That is motivating me. That makes me happy as my native language is german. Good to know that my english is not too unreadable. I am sometimes afraid that people could think that my english is bad. But even then I would just try to improve. Writing in a different language is fun. Thanks for your feedback.

      You reached a good level in BF4. I am at level 39 but there are some other games and interests running parallel. I know what you mean with “escape”… games can give you some happyness. I would say hey helped me not to become desperate too. They are a great tool to divert from the illness. I wonder whats your favorite vehicle and what is your favorite set of weapons in BF4? And your favorite class? I love the recon and usually take the SKS as I love semi-automatic carbines and the sounds of the SKS shots are, well awesome 🙂 Alternatively I try different weapons or run around with the AKU-12 or similar weapons.

      Interesting that we not only have an similar issue, but also similar interests. Playing guitar is a hell of fun. Hope you find the right balance between your interests. I know that this is not that easy. I usually play and practice guitar 30 or 60 minutes a day. That might work for you too as there is still enough time for other interests then. And as you self said… you must also go out. It helped me a lot.

      Take care and keep cool Anthony. I am happy to hear that you try to fight the problems too. That means you show already strength and I think this motivation will work out great for us. 🙂

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