Talking About Depression and Anxiety Disorder

Talking with a Doctor

I got an early date and visited the general practitioner. I went there with all my mentioned symptoms along the way. Yes, I got again an anxiety attack on the way but I didn´t care anymore if I get them inside or outdoors. My goal was now to visit this doctor, no matter how I arrive there. Because of my history, they didn´t let me wait. I went in there and told him everything and he had a lot of time for me and listened carefully. Amusingly that helped so much, that my anxiety attack at this day, went away. He told me that the goal would be to meet a psychologist someday, as he can help me better but he also said that I should try an antidepressant which also helps at least to damp the anxiety attacks and the amount of the attacks.

Testing Antidepressants

Over the time we tested some and I was not happy with every antidepressant due to many side effects. I had even an allergic reaction to a particular pill and it did result again into a hospital visit. However, how could the doctor know that I am allergic to this pill or an ingredient of the pill? I trusted him and we tried other antidepressants until we found one which worked well for me. The main problem here is that this kind of medicine in general needs some time to take effect and I am talking about weeks maybe even a month. The doctor told me, that´s why not many trust in it and that´s why so many give up with the medicine.

Finding the Right Pill

I think it is different from person to person but for me the antidepressant called Doxepin, worked very well after testing with the dosage. We started with 50mg per day when I remember right but this was so much for me that I now could sleep all the day. It kicked me even further out of life. I did drop them for a while and talked again with the doctor and told him that this is horrible too. I simply didn´t want to be so heavy sedated. I told him that I am open to try it further but with a lower dosage. I even said “Why do we start from above and not from below?” and he said that we can do so and he said while he has many patients who are ok with this dosage, it might be that my body does not like it. We tried Doxepin 10mg then for some weeks and I did not take effect early but after some weeks it did. I did have a little sedated feeling the first days but after some weeks it ceased and the first good experience with it took place.

Signs of Recovery

Over time we increased the dosage to 20mg and my life started to be what we call “life” or “be alive”. I more and more started to go outside, meet and talking to people, I started to go shopping for daily needs and anxiety attacks didn’t follow me anymore at every turn. Sure, antidepressants won´t heal the disease, they only damp the disease but it is something I started to consider as a bridge back to life or as a tool to get started again. And it worked well. So well, that I started to think that I am back in life. I now was able to work on behavioral therapy. I didn´t contact a psychologist but I have read many times that the best way to overcome anxiety disorder, is going into situations where the anxiety is present for sure. It´s like re-experiencing that this situation won´t kill you. It´s behavioral therapy. Go into the dangerous situation as often as you can and you will learn that the anxiety will go away in this situations soon.

Feeling Healed

The antidepressant was just a tool. But what I did with it did result in less frequently anxiety attacks over time. This was years ago and today I go into most situations like a healthy person can do. We reduced the dosage of my medicine over time and I would say that I am to 90% healed. As said, not because of the antidepressant. Because of my own idea to do something like a behavioral therapy. It worked so well. If I talk about 90% today, I mean that there are sometimes still moments where things can come up again, the 10%. But the anxiety is not so strong anymore. And for the last 10% rare moments where a soft anxiety attack comes up, I have a date in january in the hospital and it might lead to a ambulant therapy. I feel so healthy that a stationary therapy is not needed, I think.

Enjoying Life

It might be that I would have achieved this goal earlier, if I would have contacted a doctor early or even better a psychologist or any other expert in the field of mental health. Maybe too if I would have been in a therapy. But fortunately I did make great steps alone anyway. So, for my regularly readers here, the story did explain a little bit more about my history. But if you did read all this because you found the article with help of Google and if you have an anxiety problem or a depression, I can tell you… there is hope! Do not give up. You´re not alone with it and also there are many strategies to fight the generalized anxiety disorder or any other anxiety disease and depressions. Believe me if I say that I now have again fun with life.

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6 thoughts on “Talking About Depression and Anxiety Disorder

  1. Wow (´⊙ω⊙`)!
    I have emotional disorders for over 2 years. Side effects of prescription drugs treat me very bad so I stop using them. I start using medicines from local plants and a vegetarian diet. It gets better. Now I’m a vegan and trying macrobiotics. I wish everyone can give macrobiotics a try because it’s really great! (just some problems when I’m hungry..)
    Take care, have a nice day and ready for the next challenge ┏((= ̄(エ) ̄=))┛

    1. Yes, it seems that not everybody can stand antidepressants. Everybody must find the own strategy to fight the disease. I am happy that you found your own way and tools to get around with the illness. For all others who are still unsure, a doctor can inform about all methods and alternatives. Great that you found your tools already. Take care too please 🙂 We master all the challenges. 🙂 Thanks for your comment.

  2. I stumbled across this while googling bf4 settings! This is amazing and fits me to a tee! I forwarded it to my wife because she has been with me every step of the way! I’m currently with a physiatrist and adjusting meds.. like you they made me sleepy., but anyway, i’m not good at grammar and spelling, but i’m very glad you took the time to reach out and help! You have a gift of writing and having good sentence structure to get your point accross! I’m 45 and have been struggling since 1998! I’m on level 103 of bf4 because it seems to be my escape. However, I put so much time into it that( I think while playing) that i need to get outside!! I also have guitars and hobbies that have been put on the back burner! thank you! I may write back later to give more details of my medicines and problems I face!

    1. Hey Anthony.Cool that you stopped by! I know which BF4 article you meant. Cool that you found my anxiety and depressiopn article on this way also.

      Agree with you about the meds. Adjusting is the right word. I think we must find out for ourself which meds work well without much side-effects. Takes some time but will be rewarding to go on. Good that you are on that path with your doc too. Today I think it´s not a shame… rather the opposite as it is good to fight the problems. And well, everybody has different own problems. We´re not alone with problems.

      Thank´s for the compliment about my writing. That is motivating me. That makes me happy as my native language is german. Good to know that my english is not too unreadable. I am sometimes afraid that people could think that my english is bad. But even then I would just try to improve. Writing in a different language is fun. Thanks for your feedback.

      You reached a good level in BF4. I am at level 39 but there are some other games and interests running parallel. I know what you mean with “escape”… games can give you some happyness. I would say hey helped me not to become desperate too. They are a great tool to divert from the illness. I wonder whats your favorite vehicle and what is your favorite set of weapons in BF4? And your favorite class? I love the recon and usually take the SKS as I love semi-automatic carbines and the sounds of the SKS shots are, well awesome 🙂 Alternatively I try different weapons or run around with the AKU-12 or similar weapons.

      Interesting that we not only have an similar issue, but also similar interests. Playing guitar is a hell of fun. Hope you find the right balance between your interests. I know that this is not that easy. I usually play and practice guitar 30 or 60 minutes a day. That might work for you too as there is still enough time for other interests then. And as you self said… you must also go out. It helped me a lot.

      Take care and keep cool Anthony. I am happy to hear that you try to fight the problems too. That means you show already strength and I think this motivation will work out great for us. 🙂

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