Nervous and stressed…

It could be a little bit quieter than usual on my blog next days or even weeks. I didn´t write that much last days as I had to fight with toothache. Explosion would be the best description for the pain last days. It felt like one of my teeth would explode.

I visited a dentist who gave me Ibuprofen 600 mg. They helped a little bit to get over the pain. But at the same time my dentist said that the trouble maker would need to be extracted but that he couldn´t do it. He meant that an oral surgeon would need to do this job. There is also another tooth with problems and they will do a root end surgery and weeks later they will file down the tooth to attach a solid dental bridge on it.

If that is not enough, they said that it is optional but they would suggest me to pay for a professional tooth cleaning. They mentioned it is like polishing and seal the teeth and would have the effect to remove discolorations (Well, I smoke cigarettes) and it would also reduce the chance to get other problems with the teeth. That all means that there are many appointments over the next weeks.

My tooth does not hurt anymore today but it might be that the nerve died and it doesn´t matter because of the extraction of this tooth next week. But I am anyway nervous and stressed because of my dental phobia. But well, it needs to be done.

That means that I am too nervous to write much on my blog. I am even too nervous to research information’s for new blog posts. I guess I rather will play computer games as they a great to calm down a little bit. I bought a new video card for my computer yesterday, as my old one is damaged like I mentioned in another article. I might write about the new one if I feel good to do so.

But as said… It could even happen that I do not get much words out here over the next weeks because of all the appointments.


5 thoughts on “Nervous and stressed…

    1. Thank you 🙂 Playing computer games and listening music helps a little bit to relax at the moment. But I still feel little bit tense. I am just happy when I have this behind me 🙂

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