Alive and First Dental Operation Behind Me With Help of Midazolam

I wrote days ago why I didn´t have the time to write much here and why I didn´t want to write anything as I was too nervous. I am more relaxed now but there are still some dental operations next weeks but compared to the last one they are rather minor I guess.

Yesterday (Wednesday) was the big day as I had to visit the oral surgeon because of a root end surgery for one tooth and an extraction of another tooth. I decided days before that I would not let them do all this with me without being sedated. I wrote about Dormicum some time ago which is a sedative that oral surgeons and even some dentists use if you are really afraid like me. But I always prefered a general anesthetic and never tried Dormicum after I wrote the article about the sedative back then. Dormicum is by the way the trade name but the pharmaceutical name is Midazolam. I guess it is very well-known under both names while it is called Hypnovel and Versed in some other countries.

This time I asked the oral surgeon again about Dormicum or Midazolam. I knew already that they could dose it with pills but I really don´t trust in it. What if the dose is not enough? Would I realize what they do with me during the operation? That would be a situation I would hate because of my dental anxiety. To be honest, I prefer to be heavily sedated or in other words, I want to sleep and do not want to realize what they do with me during the operation. I researched a little bit more and found out that they could inject Midazolam intravenously as well and that made a lot of more sense to me after research as they could even inject more during the operation if it was not enough. That seems not to be possible with the pills.

Only problem… here in germany the Midazolam pills are offered for round about 10 dollars by oral surgeons. The intravenous injection of Midazolam and the additional work and needed personal makes it more expansive. But I decided anyway for the intravenous injection and paid over 100 dollars for this extra service. But I can tell you, it was worth every dollar and I say this as someone who is heavily afraid of dentists or oral surgeons!

Medically it is really a difference to a general anesthetic. With a general anesthetic you need ventilation as some body functions are disabled which means that these experts would monitor you. With a sedative like Midazolam your body functions and even your breathing will work as usual, monitoring is still needed but it is simply not a deep general anesthetic but rather something like a deep sleep. But from patient view I can tell you that I couldn´t see a big difference between a general anesthetic and intravenously injected Midazolam (Dormicum). I was heavily sedated from Midazolam and believe me if I say that I didn´t realize anything after the sedative took full effect (laughing). The sedative and the full extra service might cost a bit but as said if you suffer from dental phobia, it´s one of the methods you could ask for. I would definitely do it on this way again.

Sure, it has also some side effects. Midazolam is a Benzodiazepine, a psychoactive drug which should not be used too often as it would cause addiction. But if we talk about dental operation, then we don´t talk about regular taking and anyway a medical team looks after you. Some of the aftereffects I experience right now are forgetfulness, sleepiness, slowed down cognitive functions and so on. Two days later I feel still a little bit drugged but not that much like yesterday. But I am for example definitely unfit to drive… that´s what a doctor would probably say (laughing). But I don´t care about this as the amnesia about the dental operation was it worth! I don´t know nothing about what they did with me and that was costly but cool. My mom called a taxi after the operation. She said I slept five hours in the dental hospital and additional eight hours at mom’s home. You should not sleep alone… it´s important that you sleep anywhere so that someone can monitor you. That´s why I slept at mom’s home and I just went home today.

Midazolam could also cause some paradox reactions. I remember that I woke up in a recovery room of the clinic and there was a girl who got a bout of laugher after she woke up. She really laughed ten minutes until she asked me how old I am. I scratched my head and told her that I believe I am 32, since I still suffered from a little amnesia. She laughed again for additional five minutes or so until she came over to me to gift me some of her tissues. I still wonder if she laughed about my blood-red mouth? I am not sure but it was funny and she was cute (to be honest, today I can´t remember how she looked like, I just know she was cute). It was like in a fun house, really. But that is how a dental operation is tolerable for someone with a dental phobia, yes. She also told me anything but I didn´t understand her as she had a swollen mouth as well. We did communicate with hand gestures and the whole situation was pretty funny. That´s all I can remember (laughing).

As said I have still some minor operations in front of me but this time without sedation, I think. I am afraid but there is now some time until the next bigger appointments. My dentist just want to monitor my wound healing tomorrow but this is not a big drama. And next week they will just remove the stitches. And then I get new appointments for a filling, a small molar dental bridge on the right side and finally a professional tooth cleaning as prevention for new problems. But I am not stressed about this at the moment as all this starts slowly. I have some time to recover now. But it might be that I still won´t write too much on my blog over the next weeks. But let´s see.

For those who came here via Google to find out more about Analgosedation (Sedation while dental operation) or about Midazolam known as Dormicum… here is a little bit more to read about this sedative. If you suffer from dental phobia, then read it and if you think it is something for you, ask your dentist or an oral surgeon! It helped even me and I am a pussy when it comes to dental operations!

9 thoughts on “Alive and First Dental Operation Behind Me With Help of Midazolam

    1. It was really like sleeping… everything was heavily blurry like a dream. From the operation I can only remember that they said I should open my mouth and I think that was the last thing I did and noticed… after that I don´t know anything lol. They could do anything with you and you would have no problem with it. I think this is perfect for people with dental phobia if it´s not done too often. Then I would really suggest it. It was rather funny than anything else 🙂 This anesthetic or sedative is really a heavy missile. 🙂

  1. OK, it worked well. I’m glad to hear that. The most important thing is you didn’t feel any pain. I hate dental treatments, especially when they give me needles for partial anesthetic. They stub so many times and needle itself is so painful ^^;

    1. Agree…. it´s not so funny. I think I will get a needle in my mouth over the next weeks for the minor treatments. I am already afraid but I think there is still some time as I need to wait for the wound healing now. Next week they remove the stitches but after that there is one tooth which needs a filling and then I get one of these needles I think. I agree so much… even the needles are horrible :/

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