Visited The Hospital Because Of The Trismus

I called the jaw surgery days ago and asked for an early appointment to check out my jaw. I mentioned that I suffer from Trismus since my last dental treatment. The secretary of the jaw surgery said that I could only stop by next week as their waiting list is full. This is very common today in Germany. We never had this problem a decade ago but it´s now a new problem, you need to wait for everything but you get used to it. I thought I could wait until next week but then I realized that it even hurts … Continue reading Visited The Hospital Because Of The Trismus

Food For Hectic Days

Sometimes it must go fast, for example if there are lots of things on the to do list. Today I thought buying some Burgers would be a nice idea, until the fact crossed my mind, that I still can´t open my mouth correctly to eat the Burgers. It´s annoying, so annoying. I had a hard time to eat them. Apart from that, they don’t taste that good anyway. I am not a big fan of fast food chains anymore, what you get there doesn’t taste that fresh anyway. Continue reading Food For Hectic Days

Still Problems To Open The Jaw After Dental Treatment. Has Anyone Ever Had Trismus?

Looks like I am suffering from Trismus. This term refers to mouth and jaw opening problems. I had a dental treatment behind me as I mentioned earlier and I also had some appointments as the dentist wanted to check out the wound healing and he removed bone fragments from the wound. I told the dentist that I have problems with my jaw and to open the mouth. The mouth corner was a little bit torn after the first big treatment but I had this problem for a week and then was everything ok. But I still couldn´t and I still … Continue reading Still Problems To Open The Jaw After Dental Treatment. Has Anyone Ever Had Trismus?

Daily Prompt: Dreams

Today´s Daily Prompt Mission: “What is the best dream you’ve ever had? Recount it for us in all its ethereal glory. If no dream stands out in your memory, recount your worst nightmare.” The main problem here is that I can remember to many dreams and there were many very good dreams but also many nightmares. It´s for me pretty hard to decide for the best dream I had. But I can say which dreams can frighten me. I am afraid of dreams that can cause fears of loss for a moment when you wake up. I had once a … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Dreams