The German Curry Sausage Dissimilarity

Currywurst, French Fries and Salad

This was my meal yesterday. I sometimes prefer fast food if I want to play computer games with my friends. Yes, because it is somewhat convenient to call the delivery service but also because they offer some tasty things. One very famous german fast food dish is the one on the image above. It´s a Currywurst (curry sausage) with french fries and curry sauce and salad. I additionally ordered mayonnaise for the fries. That is a very common fast food dish here in North Germany.

Here where I am, the sausage is very long (sometimes maybe also cut through like on my image) while you get a much smaller one if you ask for a Currywurst in Berlin. I remember when my friends and me traveled to Berlin a decade ago to make party on the Loveparade. We saw a snack bar and ordered a curry sausage but what we got was a really tiny sausage and a friend said to the salesman “I ordered a Currywurst and I got a tiny one, are you kidding me?”. The salesman answered “Welcome to Berlin mate, where are you from?”. We said that we are from Schleswig-Holstein in the more northern part of germany and he said “Well, when in Rome, do as the Romans do!” and we all laughed a lot and ate our tiny and different Currywurst but got an extra Beer for free out of pity I think.

So, as said… the Currywurst on the image above is a typical Currywurst you get in Schleswig-Holstein but there are places in Germany where you would get a much smaller one. This dish is so tasty and just another way how germans eat sausage (laughing).

5 thoughts on “The German Curry Sausage Dissimilarity

    1. It´s really yummy. One of my favorite fast food dishes. I can´t count anymore how much of them I did eat in my life 😀 I guess it were thousands of Curry Sausages. 🙂 I usually dislike salads of delivery services but I found some services who make fresh salads and then it is really tasty. Hope you can try a Currywurst. Really good food 🙂

  1. I remember it being served mainly with potato salad. As fast foods go, it is a satisfying one, and I miss it almost as much as decent German beers and wines!

    1. Haha, yes, it varies and depends where you get the sausage. It can be very differently served depending where you are in Germany. I for example never heard about Currywurst served with potato salad.

      The one on the photo is common here in my city. Usually served with vegetables like corn, onions, tomatoes, cucumber and so 🙂 Whenever our family from other cities come to visit us, they sometimes are surprised too that things are differently served 😀

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