Probably Not A Maniac Phase

Almost everything can inspire me now, that´s what I noticed lately. What I mean, the more I write, the more inspired I get. I discover a lot of writing ideas lately. Is this a side-effect of long time blogging? Have you noticed the same? I mean blogging is really interesting and I still have a lot of energy to go on and I am not planning to stop but sometimes I am shocked where all the ideas come from. It´s like waking up with new ideas! When does this stop? Am I arrived in a maniac phase? I guess not,…

I think my general blog gives me a lot of freedom and the fact that it is a general blog, leads to the result that I can write about almost every of my interests. It´s not bad but I am afraid that it could at least annoy regular readers. Talking about traffic coming from Google, it is completely fine as it works well if there are no borders of subjects that can stop you. I really like it this way. Everything works as intended, but it is still a little bit worrying.

Focusing on Google makes sense but it is worrying that the wide range of topics could annoy my WordPress followers. Why should someone who came here to see photos be interested in technology or gaming topics? And that are not the only subjects which get mixed here. Well, my header suggest that I hold it much more general on my blog but as said it is still worrying.

I mentioned in my last posts here and here, that I play with the idea to create yet another blog. I could for example create a blog purely based on technology and gaming subjects. This would take at least a big division of subjects away from this blog here but on the other hand it would also be associated with more work as I then would have to log in to two blogs. I also would be afraid that one of the blogs could dry out. Having just one active blog seems still convenient to me. It´s a back and forth in my head at the moment. I can see benefits in both general and niche blogs.

I need more time anyhow to think about it.

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