Daily Post: Take That, Rosetta!

Today there was a good question on the Daily Post. They ask which language you would choose, if you could wake up tomorrow and be fluent in any language you don’t currently speak. I wish I could perform this kind of magic.

I think it is really hard to answer anyhow. I mean if I really could do that magic trick, why not choosing every language? But if I could do this only a few times, then I would choose French. I had French in school and I forgot everything apart from saying “Bonjour”, “Salut” and so on. I think I could impress my old French teacher then, if I would meet her again.

But I also wish I could speak Russian or Chinese. Today you must be very careful who you trust. Do I still trust our system, politics and media? No, not really. Do I think that Russian or Chinese media is more trustful? No. But I do think that it wouldn´t be bad if you can speak every language due to the fact that you then could choose who and what you believe. I say this clearly because I think that our system and our media is full of lies. I speak about Germany where I am but at the same time about every other nation of the world. It can´t be good to just have one source of information. When it comes to politics, I would like to hear every side. Here in Germany for example the reporting is very single-sided and you must be careful if you discuss about politics for example. I am very afraid about this fact. But as said, I don´t think that it is different anywhere else, I just think that it wouldn´t be bad if I could choose what I want to believe.

But enough about politics, I do think that Chinese or any other Asian language sound beautiful. Same for the Russian language. I would love to speak Swedish, Danish, Spanish, Polish, Dutch, Italian… but I realize it´s unfair to write down languages here as they all are somewhat beautiful sounding on their own. I really would need to write down every language. So, yes this is very difficult to answer for me. I love them all and would like to speak them all.

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