Another victory over the dental fear…

I had an appointment with my dentist yesterday. He wanted to take a look if the wound healing would be good. I mentioned that I had a bigger dental treatment. But my dentist noticed yesterday that I had still bone fragments in the wound and he said that this wouldn´t be good as they would interfere with the wound healing. He said one wound would be ok but the other not due to the bone fragments.

They said they would need to remove them and that they would give me a local anesthesia to remove the fragments. I said “Wait, no no… I don´t think we gonna do this now!”. But I have a good dentist and his employees are very friendly too and they all are aware of my dental anxiety. They said “We can do this now, it won´t hurt and it won´t take much time”.

I mentioned on my blog that I usually let dentist only work in my mouth if I get a sedative while the dental treatment. But I realized too that this is not a good way to fight the dental anxiety. I am not sure how they did it but the dentist team did convince me to try a local anesthesia and I must say that I didn´t allow that anymore over the last ten years. But yesterday they did convince me.

Ten years are a lot. Back in the time, I remember you always had to wait 10 or 15 minutes to notice the effect of a local anesthesia and it happened that you didn´t even notice any effect and that they had to inject more of the local anesthesia and even then I remember that the dental treatment did hurt like hell. I think this is where my dental fear came from. But this was ten years ago.

But yesterday? Wow! Awesome! Ok the needle did hurt but it was only for 5 seconds or so. But then? I waited 3 minutes and noticed the effect. The whole half of my mouth felt so numb that I told them “Good stuff!” and they laughed and started to remove the bone fragments. I was amazed when they told me that everything is ok now as it took them maybe 2 minutes to remove the bone fragments and to be honest, I didn´t notice any pain as the effect of the local anesthesia was perfect, really perfect.

So, yea I´ve done it. I did let them do it on the normal way with local anesthesia and without a sedative. There are still some appointments on the plan but I feel confident after yesterday as I can say now that I am at least not afraid of the local anesthesia anymore, I think. That makes me a little bit happy as this would be a huge victory over the fear as I wouldn´t need a sedative anymore when I visit the dentist in the future but let´s see. I think I feel confident.

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