Daily Prompt: We Got the Beat

The Daily Prompt asks “Have you ever played in a band?” and I can answer this with a yes. As a guitarist since many years, I was a member of bands when I was younger and it has been an interesting but also a shady and shabby experience.

It was not only about music but also about alcohol and drug experiments. I think we were some people that I wouldn´t suggest to imitate. It was still fun, but an experience I learned from. Our music was not too bad, but we didn´t focus enough on the music but more on party. The bands did burst later because there was always a lot of drama. I think we were those teenage guys who tried to appeal like a popular but shady rock band. It was clear that we wouldn´t do it in our city. But it´s funny to think back.

I am much more sad about the fact that it was pretty difficult after this experience to find other people who play instruments as well, considering that I learned that music, alcohol and so does not fit together, if you want to achieve something in your town. Down to the present day, I didn´t find again people I could ask to make music, I mean people with the same goals and the same standards. Even if I found some, it was always a question if we play the same music and finally it is also not easy to save enough money for good equipment.

And then there is also the big shift in the direction of electronic music, that makes it hard to find people who still can play instruments, I mean in a little town where I am. It´s difficult but not a reason to stop playing guitar. I can do this at home too just for fun. And who knows, maybe I will find some people with the same love for music one day again. But this time please with focus on music. 😉

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